The Fiana Freeblades (フィアナ義勇軍, Fiana Giyūgun lit. Fiana Volunteer Army in the Japanese version; fan-translated as the Fiana Militia or the Fiana Braves) is a group of fighters founded to defend the village of Fiana from bandits and other threats. The group later becomes the core of Leif's army.

Members[edit | edit source]

  • Eyvel - The founder and leader of the group who took in Leif and company when they fled the Grannvale Empire.
  • Osian - A bright and friendly member who's quick to lose his temper.
  • Halvan
  • Dagdar - A former leader of the Mount Violdrake Bandits.
  • Tanya - Dagdar's daughter who grew up among a rough crew, leaving her strong-willed and hotheaded.
  • Marty - A former member of the Mount Violdrake Bandits.

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