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“The Black Eagle Strike Force, in its continued pursuit of Fodlan's unification, marches on Fhirdiad. Kingdom and church forces prepare to meet you at Tailtean Plains, a place laden with history.”
—Chapter description

Field of Revenge is the seventeenth chapter of the Crimson Flower route in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. This chapter takes place in the Tailtean Plains, and contains the mission Combat at Tailtean Plains.


Dimitri and Rhea discuss the current state of the war with the Adrestian Empire and Dimitri decides to personally intercept the Imperial forces at the Tailtean Plains since Fhirdiad cannot stand up to a prolonged siege. The two vow to allow each other to kill their hated enemies: Edelgard for Dimitri and Byleth for Rhea. Rhea again swears to take her mother back from Byleth. Meanwhile, Edelgard and Hubert correctly deduce the Kingdom's battle plan. Edelgard recounts how Seiros defeated Nemesis 1000 years prior to found the Church of Seiros and Loog defeated the Emperor of Adrestia in his time 400 years prior to found the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus on those very plains. Hubert suggests Edelgard stay off the front lines, but Edelgard refuses to back down.

The day before the final battle, Byleth pays a final visit to Jeralt's grave. Recalling his last words and his desire for Byleth to give their mother's ring to the one they love, Byleth can decide to propose to anyone they have an A-support with, gender permitting, including Sothis or nobody altogether. Afterward, at the Tailtean Plains, Rhea reveals herself to be Seiros and Dimitri vows to avenge those who have fallen at Edelgard's hands. The Imperials encounter the Kingdom army preparing to engage them, and Edelgard laments how far Dimitri has fallen in the five years since their time at the Officers Academy. Shortly after the battle between the two armies begin, Dedue reveals that he has taken hidden Crest Stones and given them to the soldiers, transforming the volunteers into Demonic Beasts, much to Dimitri's shock, disappointment, and disgust. Should fifteen turns pass or the player is in-range of Dedue, he will use a Crest Stone himself and transform into a Giant Demonic Beast (unless Dimitri has already been defeated without these conditions being fulfilled, in which case he never transforms). When the player approaches the east, reinforcements lead by Rhea - now Seiros - appear and intercept them.

Despite all this, the Adrestian Empire emerges victorious and Rhea orders the remaining Knights of Seiros to retreat to the interior of Fhirdiad. Depending on whether Dedue was engaged and defeated before transforming or not, Dimitri either dies in Dedue's arms or blames the Tragedy of Duscur on Edelgard before being executed by her. Edelgard briefly mourns over Dimitri's death and reveals that the culprits responsible for his huge hatred of her and the Tragedy of Duscur was Lord Arundel and those associated with him and after musing about being vastly different then she was years ago, vows to bring an end to the war with Byleth at her side.

Initial enemies

  • Dimitri
  • Dedue
  • Sylvain/Great Knight (if Sylvain was recruited)
  • 1x Gremory
  • 2/5x Swordmaster (Normal/Hard and above)
  • 3/5/6x Dark Bishop
  • 3x Paladin
  • 2x Dark Knight
  • 1/2x Fortress Knight (Normal and Hard/Maddening)


  • After reaching one of the shoals or bridges
    • The eastern Paladin transforms into an Altered Demonic Beast
    • Mercedes and two/four Fortress Knights take position on the northwest platform (Normal and Hard/Maddening)
  • Every second turn after triggering the first wave
    • 1 Pegasus Knight from the northwest corner of the map
    • 1 Falcon Knight from the northwest corner of the map (Maddening only)
      • Note: These reinforcements can begin on turn 1 if the trigger is satisfied by that point. However, skipping the cutscene of a Paladin transforming into an Altered Demonic Beast will cause the reinforcements to be delayed to the next turn instead.
  • One turn after the first wave (Hard only)
    • The northwestern Swordmaster transforms into an Altered Demonic Beast
  • Two turns after the first wave
    • The northwestern Paladin transforms into an Altered Demonic Beast
  • One turn after the previous wave
    • The lower southeastern Swordmaster transforms into an Altered Demonic Beast
  • One turn after the previous wave
    • The northeastern Paladin transforms into an Altered Demonic Beast
  • One turn after the previous wave
    • The upper southeastern Swordmaster transforms into an Altered Demonic Beast
  • One turn after the previous wave (Hard only)
    • The center-northern Swordmaster transforms into an Altered Demonic Beast
  • One turn after the previous wave (Hard only)
    • The northeastern Swordmaster transforms into an Altered Demonic Beast
  • Fifteen turns after the first wave, or if a unit is in range of Dedue's transformed range
    • Dedue transforms into a Giant Demonic Beast
    • 2 Paladins from northwest of Dimitri
    • 2 Bow Knights accompanying the Paladins (Maddening only)
  • After reaching column 26
    • Rhea from the eastern forests
    • 1/2 Falcon Knight(s) from near the western ally starting positions
    • 2 Holy Knights from the eastern forests
    • 1 Gremory from the southeast corner of the map
    • 2/3/4 Great Knights from near the eastern ally starting positions
    • 1 Altered Golem from near the western ally starting positions
    • 1 Altered Golem from near the eastern forests (Hard/Maddening only)


  • Giant Shell - Dropped by Gremory reinforcement
  • Kadmos Shield - Dropped by a Fortress Knight accompanying Mercedes or her replacement
  • Brave Bow - from northern chest
  • Brave Axe - from southern chest


Secret Book (Artwork).png
Subjective: The following part of this article is based upon the editor's personal experiences and opinions, and therefore may not be applicable for all readers.

Maddening strategy:

Recommended personnel: Byleth (default), Edelgard (default), Jeritza, Dancer x1, Long-range mage x1, Sniper x1, Healer x1, War Master or Grappler x1, Assassin x1

Recommended equipment: Sword of the Creator (fully repaired), Dragon Claws, Evasion Rings, Critical Rings, Accuracy Rings, Legendary Equipment (Mercurius, Parthia, Gradavius, Hauteclere – if available), The Inexhaustible (Brave Bows and Hunter’s Volley also works), Spear of Assal, Pure Water

Recommended abilities/combat arts/gambits: Counterattack (Jeritza – if unavailable, Retribution gambit), Impregnable Wall, Monster Breaker combat arts (equip all that are available), Lancebreaker, Warp

The battle begins with a warning from both Edelgard and Hubert to proceed cautiously and beware that the Knights of Serios have yet to join the battle. We’ll be taking their advice.

Your group is split into two groups. Note that the shoal area hinders movement for your group but you can also use it to your advantage later on when the Knights of Serios likewise will have to cross it as well in order to reach your group.

Take a moment and put your cursor over the different enemies on the map. You will notice Swordmasters and Paladins who have no movement range. These enemies can transform into Demonic Beasts which will be described in more detail shortly.

Our first objective is to reunite our two groups so move the southern group up to the northern group using the bridge on the left. Meanwhile, there is a mage with Bolting surrounded by other mages in the middle of the map. If Jeritza has mastered his Death Knight class, he will have access to the Counterattack ability. Equip it, give him a Pure Water, and move into the range of the mage with Bolting. The remainder of your team will head north crossing the shoal area but keep this group outside the attack range of enemies during this first turn. During the enemy turn, the Bolting mage will attack Jeritza and if he has enough speed and a strong weapon equipped, he should be able to kill the Bolting mage during this turn. If Counterattack is unavailable to Jeritza (or he’s dead) you can use the Retribution gambit to achieve the same effect.

Our next objective is to kill the group of four mages that surrounded the Bolting mage. Move your group within range to accomplish this and everyone else should continue to move north, crossing the shoal area which will take around 3-4 turns to get everyone across.

At the end of turn two, one of the soldiers in front of Sylvain/Great Knight Boss will turn into a Demonic Beast (this cannot be prevented). Mercedes/Bishop Boss will appear in the northwest corner of the map on the wooden platform along with four Fortress Knights.

By turn three, some of your personnel should be near some of the enemies that have no movement range. If you do not want these enemies to turn into Demonic Beasts, make sure any that you attack can be defeated during the player turn. If you attack one but do not kill them then during the enemy turn this enemy will turn into a Demonic Beast.

At the beginning of enemy turn three two Pegasus Knights will appear in the northwest corner. Edelgard will have mentioned by this point that the enemy generals need to be defeated to avoid being overwhelmed. To stop the Pegasus Knight reinforcements, Mercedes/Bishop Boss must be killed.

Mercedes can be troublesome to defeat as she is equipped with the Rafael Gem. This prevents all critical hits and has a high chance of halving all damage received. A strategy of using a gambit on her, a gambit on the surrounding enemies (Edelgard’s Supreme Armored Co. works well here), and following up with a strong double attack (Ferdinand/Swift Strikes/Spear of Assal or Bernadetta/Hunter’s Volley/Parthia for example) can take her out. During this sequence, it’s likely one of the Pegasus Knights avoided a gambit hit or is out of range for attacks. Consider using Warp on another strong double attack character to take this Pegasus Knight out.

After taking out this group and the straggler no movement enemies nearby, approach Dedue. Beware that when you get near him (within one space of the rubble tile) he will transform into a unique Demonic Beast with very high health. If you have a high defense/speed character with good movement (Jeritza) he should be able to safely approach, take a hit from Dedue Demonic Beast and back off. If this wasn’t enough, enemy reinforcements will appear on the northern edge of the map near Dimitri (two Bow Knights and two Paladins). During this same turn, another no movement enemy near Sylvain/Great Knight Boss may turn into a Demonic Beast. Don’t worry about Sylvain’s group for now.

Back as much of your group off as possible as Dedue, the Bow Knights, Paladins, and Dark Knights, Dark Bishop, and Fortress Knight are automatically aggro. The one exception is to once again have your long-range Counterattack character(s) (Jeritza or Retribution gambit) within range of the Bow Knights. If its Jeritza, equipping him with the Scythe of Sariel gives him a high chance of hitting both Bow Knights with a critical hit, thereby solving a major pain of not having to deal with extremely long attack range enemies as you decide how to defeat Dedue and the approaching group of enemies.

Dedue Demonic Beast should not be too troublesome to deal with after an armor break and the accompanying enemies are defeated/immobilized. He is susceptible to attacks like Mire that lower his defense and are outside his attack range of two spaces. Windsweep prevents counterattacks but this also should not be a concern at this point as your stronger personnel should be able to take a hit from him without dying. Gambits that inflict poison work well between turns for additional damage. Dragon Claws work exceptionally well after an armor break.

After these enemies are defeated, you can safely open the treasure chests if you want. The southern chest contains a Brave Axe and the northern chest contains a Brave Bow.

As you near Dimitri, Rhea and the Knights of Seiros will appear to the southeast and southwest with two Golem Demonic Beasts. There will also be Pegasus Knights, Great Knights, a Holy Knight, and a Gremory with Bolting. These enemies are pretty far away and you will have a turn or two to prepare for these enemies.

If the majority of your group is near Dimitri, you will likely battle with a Golem first. It is susceptible to axes and your typical Monster Break abilities. Magic cannot damage it until its armor is broken. The mage with Bolting with likely be within range too. Remember to use our previous Counterattack/Retribution strategy to take her out and you will get a Giant Shell as a reward.

Rhea will likely be nearby. She comes equipped with Counterattack and Vantage and is difficult to hit with gambits due to her high charm. Approach her cautiously with only your strongest units. Byleth with the Sword of the Creator and the Sublime Heaven combat art works well as always. Jeritza with the Scythe of Sariel works too. Once she is defeated, all the enemies that appeared on the map when Rhea did will retreat with her with the exception of the Golems. Take out any remaining straggler enemies that approach, including the Golems, before making your final approach towards Dimitri and Sylvain.

It’s up to you to decide who you wan to fight first. Since Dimitri is closest to our group, we will deal with him first.

In what is very obvious, Dimitri is extremely dangerous and has a high avoid rate. Increase your chances of landing a hit by surrounding him and performing linked attacks. Some of your higher charm characters will still be able to connect with gambits but don’t be afraid to try even lower hit ones. A few of these will connect and lower his health. Dimitri’s one weakness is a lower resistance. If you have a mage with good dexterity and an accuracy ring equipped, this will likely be the killing blow after his health has been decreased enough with gambits and combat arts like Windsweep.

After Dimitri is defeated, Sylvain/Great Knight Boss and the three Demonic Beasts are all that remains. Use the Impregnable Wall gambit on any character to aggro this last enemy commander to the rest of your group and then finish him off.

Alternative Strategy:

You have three things to worry about at the start of the map: Sylvain's force, the enemies in the field on the west side of the map, and the Bolting mage and his friends. If you have any sort of flyer, it is highly recommended to eliminate the Bolting mage on turn 1; Warp/Dance/Rescue can all help get the flyer over for a Brave Lance/Axe hit, then Canto retreat back.

For the other two enemy sets, it's a race against time to kill as many of them as possible before they transform. Assuming you want to keep your own troops concentrated, you can choose between starting with Sylvain's group and rotating east-to-west, or crossing the shoals on the west before sweeping to the center of the map. Be careful; the threat ranges lie if an enemy is about to transform. Note that one minor thing in your favor is that if a soldier transforms but no Empire forces are in range, the Altered Demonic Beast will sit quietly in place until someone aggros it by moving into range or attacking it. So it's okay to let a few transform as long as you leave them be.

Sylvain (or the Kingdom General) is a Great Knight, so just like Gwendal in the previous chapter, his weakness is getting smashed by magic. He's got high attack power, but if you either bait him in to a tank or Warp / fly a unit with some magical offense near him, he should go down. Mercedes is a bit trickier, since she also has the constant stream of Pegasus reinforcements coming in near her. Since she has a Rafail Gem (occasionally halve damage), Miracle, and White Mag Avo +20, the only kill that is safe for Mercedes is overkill; she can take substantially less damage in practice than the combat prediction shows. However, you can sometimes lure her away from her starting defensive tile by wounding some Kingdom soldiers in the north-central section; she'll wander off to get in range to cast Fortify on them. This both reduces her impressive evade and leaves her defenseless, as she won't have Abraxas equipped. (If you recruited Mercedes, the replacement Kingdom General thankfully does not have a Rafail Gem, which renders attacking her safer.) Killing Mercedes will stop the reinforcements.

Dedue will transform into a giant Demonic Beast when you get too close to him. The correct answer to this problem is to go "nope" and drop a couple of Meteors on his head before he gets the chance. Just wandering over and doubling him with a Levin Sword works too. Killing Dedue while he's a Fortress Knight also has the benefit of not spawning the wave of reinforcements from his cutscene. Killing Dedue won't arouse the attention of Dimitri's guards, so is safe to do whenever you're in the area.

You have a few options for finishing up the map. You can charge Dimitri's fortress, trigger the Church of Seiros reinforcements, take out Dimitri, and then turn and face the Church. This has the advantage of not having to risk the reinforcements arriving then immediately attacking you, but you will probably have to fight through more of the Church forces afterward. Or you can take out Rhea first, which will cause all the non-Golem Church units to retreat. Killing all the Altered Demonic Beasts and potential beast units is a good way to trigger the Rhea-first style. Finally, if you really know what you're doing, you can prevent Rhea from appearing at all if you kill enough of the Kingdom generals simultaneously; even if you've triggered the Church reinforcements, if you can finish off the Kingdom Commanders on the same Player/Enemy Phase, it won't matter and you'll still win the mission.

There are many options for the order all these objectives can be achieved. One example style: take out the Bolting mage with a flyer, send everyone to the west side of the map across the Shoal, and ignore Sylvain's group and the transformed Demonic Beast near there. Sweep through all the west and central Kingdom soldiers as quickly as possible, using Warp / Dance / Raging Storm, and bait some of Mercedes's Fortress Knight guards toward you. Take them out, and bait Mercedes herself either with a magic tank or by getting her to use Fortify. After defeating Mercedes, kill Dedue with a mage. The central and western part of the map should be cleaned out, and Sylvain (/Great General) likely has 2-3 Demonic Beasts for company. You can slow down a bit now; lure out the beasts one at a time and defeat them and Sylvain. On the turn that the final Demonic Beast perishes, you'll be positioned to fight Rhea the very next turn. Stay away from the southern edge where a Bolting mage Church reinforcement will rudely pop out. You will get to greet Rhea and her 2 Holy Knights the next turn - ideally with the Gambit Impregnable Wall up to tank them, but sufficiently evasive characters on defensive terrain can manage it as well. Throw everything you have against Rhea afterward, which will cause the rest of the Church to retreat. After that, clean up the Golem, then settle things with Dimitri at his fortress.