Serving as another school battle event, much like the first school battle in Chapter 1, the three houses of the Officers Academy meet once more in a mock battle to determine the strongest house of that year. With glory and a reward going to the house who performs the best, the three houses enthusiastically meet in battle to come out on top.

Byleth leads their house into battle and overcomes the opposing two houses, securing a win. The three house leaders meet in the aftermath and congratulate Byleth on their leadership in battle that lead to their house's victory. They return to the Monastery to celebrate their victory over a modest feast.

Monastery Events

Main Quests


Paralogues begin in this chapter. All Paralogues have a set date in which they must be completed by or else they expire and cannot be played for the rest of the playthrough. All Paralogues listed below must be completed by 2/22

Initial Enemies


Chest: Killer Lance

Defeating the most enemies: Blessed Lance


Secret Book (Artwork)
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This is yet another Mock Battle, thus the chapter has a Casual Mode setting, allowing any fallen character to remain playable after the chapter ends even if the player has the game set to Classic Mode. The chapter also has a hidden score based on how many enemies are defeated between the three houses. If the player defeats more enemies than both of the opposing houses, they will earn a reward after the battle's conclusion. Catherine, Shamir, and Cyril cannot be deployed on this map, even if they have been recruited.

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