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“Having defended Fort Jinya against Nohrian invaders. Corrin recruits a long-lost friend. Now with Ryoma and Takumi in danger, the party sets out toward Izumo.”
—Opening Narration

Fierce Winds (猛き風 Takeki Kaze Ferocious Winds in the Japanese version) is Chapter 8 of Fire Emblem Fates in the Birthright Version. This chapter takes place in the Wind Tribe Village.


On the Eternal Stairway, Corrin and their allies are walking up. Corrin complains about how long the staircase is and groans when they are notified that they're only halfway through it. Suddenly, Faceless ambush the Hoshidans. Corrin and Kaze kill the Faceless, only for the magic to drop and reveal them as Wind Tribe members. Iago teleports in, mocks Corrin and then teleports out to prevent the Wind Tribe from finding out that it was a ruse.

Outside the stairway, two Wind Tribe members wait for them outside, angry at the deaths of their fellow tribesmen. Corrin tries to tell them that it was a misunderstanding, but they refuse to listen to them. They are shocked when they see Sakura and Azura, but are convinced by them to listen to Corrin. They accompany them to the Wind Tribe, where Fuga asks Corrin to prove the truth by fighting him and his tribesmen.

After the battle, Fuga knows Corrin speaks the truth as he knew no one would go so far as to going to the village unarmed. He notices their Yato and tells them a bit about King Sumeragi, who was his friend. He loans Hayato to their cause as part of a "mutual" agreement before returning to the village.


The script for this chapter can be found here.


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Upon starting the chapter, clear off the enemies nearby and move Corrin towards the southwestern corner of the map. Hinoka and her two retainers, Setsuna and Azama, will appear at the start of your next turn and all three can be recruited by having Corrin speak to her. Use the Dragon Vein in the chapter to turn desert tiles into grass so more of your units are able to move through more tiles at once.

Fuga is the first promoted enemy encountered in Birthright. As a Master of Arms, he already comes with Seal Strength and Vantage. Since it is unlikely that you will defeat him in one turn, his Seal Strength skill will drop your units strength by 6 after the battle ends, which will make defeating him difficult. As his health drops below half, his Vantage skill starts activating. On Hard and Lunatic, this is accompanied with Duelist's Blow, making him harder to kill when he attacks. Fortunately, Fuga does not move from his spot and does not carry a 1-2 range weapon so badly wounded units can move out of his range to recover lost health if needed.


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