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“Enemies are attacking the rotting mansion of Dwyer, Jakob's son, lives. Jakob and company set out to confront the enemy, while Dwyer hangs back as a healer.”
—Opening Narration

Fight or Flight (闘わぬことの意味 The Meaning of Not Fighting in Japanese version) is Paralogue 4 of Fire Emblem Fates.

Paralogue Information

This paralogue will be unlocked once Jakob has obtained an S-Support with someone. 


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Perhaps one of the easiest of the children's Paralogues, this Paralogue can be completed in one turn, if the player does not wish to obtain any experience or if the player wish to save the uses on Dwyer's staffs.

The player starts at the south-eastern area while the boss is in the south-western area, with a door blocking the way. Having a unit with Locktouch to open the door and putting a strong pair within the boss' range will simply finish the Paralogue.

If the player wants experience, they can do so by fighting the enemy instead. There are five Knights protecting Dwyer; two are static while the other three can move, but only if an enemy is in range. Dwyer will heal them if they take moderate damage with his Mend, Sun Festal or Physic.


The script for this chapter can be found here.


At the end the player receives a Friendship Seal and a Talisman.

Enemy Reinforcements

  • 1 Onmyoji, 1 Sniper, 1 Oni Chieftain, 1 Spear Master will appear from the south on turn 12.
  • 1 Sniper, 1 Oni Chieftain, 2 Swordmaster will appear from the southwest on turn 15.
  • 2 Master Ninja appear from the northwest on turn 18.


  • If Dwyer is defeated but the map is completed successfully, the normal recruitment conversation will occur after the battle, but Dwyer will not join the party. The same thing happens in three other paralogues, Two Defenders, A Long Grudge, and Abducted.