“Sir Sigurd, your efforts in this conflict have been quite impressive! His Majesty is exceedingly pleased and has ordained you a Holy Knight of the Kingdom.”

Filat (フィラト Firato) is a character from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. Encountered in the Prologue chapter of the game, he is a messenger of King Azmur of Belhalla. Filat travels to Evans Castle after it is conquered, congratulating Sigurd on his efforts of protecting the surrounding Grannvalean castles and villages from the invading Verdane forces. He then ordains Sigurd as a Holy Knight of the Kingdom of Grannvale.

Filat later re-appears in Chapter 2, where he plays a rather important role in informing Sigurd of a rumor circulating in the royal court of Belhalla, where Sigurd, Quan and Eldigan are accused of conspiring against King Azmur. In addition to this, they are also accused of hiding Shannan, Prince of Isaach, the country that Grannvale is waging war with at the time. Filat then tells Sigurd of the tragic story of Lady Cigyun, where she left Lord Victor and fell for Prince Kurth.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Although he is an ally to Sigurd, his portrait is given to one of Seliph's last enemies, Rodan.
  • In both of his appearances, Filat is represented by a Green Paladin.
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