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The following is a list of version differences between the various ports of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. Throughout the various releases, it has been subject to alterations of the script, core mechanics, and overall difficulty. Some versions also have various new additions not present in the original release.

Timeline of version differences[]

Japanese release[]

  • February 22, 2007, the first release of the game.

North American release[]

Released in North America November 11, 2007.

Changes in this version
  • Support for 16:9 widescreen was added.
  • A character illustration gallery was added, featuring many new character illustrations.
  • The difficulty modes—Normal, Hard, and Maniac—were renamed Easy, Normal, and Hard in the localization. Unlike in Path of Radiance however, the difficulty modes were only changed at their names.
  • Battle Saves were added to the Easy and Normal Modes.
  • The Japanese version's Forge Points system was cut in the western version of the forge system: In the Japanese version, 50 Forge Points were needed to Forge a weapon, which could be earned by selling weapons, with the amount of points earned depending on the Weapon Rank of the weapon sold. However, some Base Conversations with the merchants still mention it.
  • Three new items unique to the localised versions of the game were added as personal weapons for Edward, Leonardo and Nolan: Caladbolg, Lughnasadh and Tarvos respectively.
  • Four new base conversations were added: three conversations in A Reason to Fight to provide the three new weapons, and a fourth in The Price, where Nico re-appears.
  • Class change requirements for advanced units were altered: In the Japanese version, an advanced beorc unit required a Master Crown to promote to the third tier and could not do so by maximizing their level. In the localised versions of Radiant Dawn, second tier beorc units can change class by reaching level 21, thus nullifying the limitation imposed on the number of third tier usable beorc units. As part of this change, the number of obtainable Master Crowns was reduced from 13 in the Japanese version to 5 in localized versions.
    • Similarly, while the Holy Crown is necessary for Mist to promote in the Japanese version, this is not so in the Western releases, as she will automatically promote in the latter the moment she reaches Level 21.
  • The Tempest Blade and Tomahawk's critical rate was raised from 0 to 5%.
  • In the Japanese version, a slightly longer script is played instead of the game's standard script when the game is played on Hard and Maniac difficulties. The extended script goes into greater depth on the game's story and lore than the basic script, though optional talks, base conversations, boss conversations and special flashback scenes don't show any changes. The localizations only use the basic script, with the extended script being cut entirely, however, the English version also added some extra lines of their own, fleshing out parts of the original story compared to the Japanese version. Among the story details affected by this are:
    • In the closing of Stormclouds, when Ranulf is defeated by Zelgius, in a haze of fatigue and confusion he asks Zelgius if he is "any stronger than I was when we fought in that port city", which Zelgius dismisses as a hallucination. This scene foreshadows how Ranulf realizes the Black Knight's identity and is the first proper hint at it, but in the basic script and the localization, there is no indication of how he learned this when he reveals it to Ike in Part 4.
    • In the opening of the fourth part of the Rebirth 4, Sephiran's explanation of his plot is more detailed and confirms that, after the Serenes Massacre, he personally gave Lillia and Lehran's Medallion to Ashnard.
    • Ike's conversation with the Black Knight in Rivals Collide was edited to change the reason for the Black Knight's survival: In the Japanese version, he claims had what seems to have been a Warp Powder malfunction that only sent his spirit and his blessed armor to fight Ike at Nados Castle. In the localization, the Black Knight instead claims had let Ike win after learning of how he only fought a shadow of Greil, and wished to face his style in its prime.

European release[]

Released in Europe March 14, 2008 and Australia April 10, 2008.

Changes in this version
  • Laura's line was changed from "Oh, thank you so much! Good luck!" to "Oh, thank you so much! May fortune be with us!" in The Dispossessed since Laura automatically joins the party right after this sentence.
  • Kurthnaga's line about a salve made from an infusion of Olivi Grass in A Faint Light is changed to a "powerful herbal infusion".