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The following is a list of version differences between the various ports of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. Throughout the various releases, it has been subject to alterations of the script and certain mechanics. Some versions also have various new additions not present in the original release.

Timeline of version differences[]

Japanese release[]

April 25, 2003, the first release of the game.

North American release[]

Released in North America November 3, 2003.

Changes in this version
  • In the Japanese version of the game, an option exists to choose Mark's bloodtype, which will also factor into determining affinity. Due to a lesser cultural importance of bloodtypes, this isn't included in the English version and affinity is determined purely by birth month.
  • While Lyn is 15 and 16 years in the Japanese version, she states that she is 18 and 19 in the western release.
  • Aenir was mistranslated in the English localization:
    • When (presumably) Nergal is talking to his children in Ninian's flashback in A Glimpse in Time, one of his lines is approximately the following: "Daddy has to go and get Aenir... Mommy." This is rather ambiguously translated in the English version as "Daddy has to go to Aenir...I'm going to get Mommy", making it possibly being read as a location name.
    • Furthermore, in Nergal's fully expanded death quote in the English version, he should be saying "Aenir" instead of "Quintessence". The word substitution is likely a result of misreading "Aenir" as "Aegir" (the Japanese version's name for "Quintessence"). Thus, he should be saying "Why did I... want power? ......Aenir? ...Don't...under...stand... but...
  • A mistranslation seems to occur in Bartre's ending with Karla in The Blazing Blade that claims that he left Fir with Karel and implies he died when he later appears in The Binding Blade and the ending in Japanese version does not imply this.
  • A unique animation for Lyn wielding the Sol Katti was added.
  • Link Up with Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade was removed: Originally transferring save data from The Binding Blade allowed the player to skip Lyn's story during the first playthrough, as well as unlock the extra epilogue scenes, along with an extra death quote for Canas. This was changed by having death quote be unlocked by clearing the game 8 times and the additional scenes being unlocked by default in the North American version.

European release[]

Released in Australia July 16, 2004 and Europe February 20, 2004.

Changes in this version
  • Extra items and features became completely inaccessible in gameplay (which were enabled from promotional events in the Japanese version and in the Mario Kart: Double Dash!! bonus disc from the North American version). All of them can still be accessed through other means and still function properly as the translation to each language is largely complete.
  • The CGs have borders added to the edges, probably due to matters of space and different languages.
  • The European versions only see level-up in simple letters compared to the Japanese and North American releases which have a large banner and some light effects such as animated sparks.

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