The starter kit of Fire Emblem: Trading Card Game.

The Fire Emblem: Trading Card Game, or just Fire Emblem TCG, was a trading card game containing a collection of characters, items, skills, and location cards from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, Fire Emblem: Thracia 776, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, and Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem. It was released in August 2001 by NTT Publishing Co., Ltd. and it discontinued around 2006.

The Fire Emblem TCG had seven series: the first three contained content from Genealogy of the Holy War, with the first series containing artwork from the Fire Emblem: Treasure art book. The fourth series features characters from Thracia 776. The Jugdral Anthology is an unnumbered expansion that features characters from both games of the Jugdral Series, and it has many cards not drawn by the usual artists Katsuyoshi Koya or Mayumi Hirota. The final two series contained characters from Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light and Mystery of the Emblem. A number of promotional cards were also released alongside various merchandise and at special events.

Series[edit | edit source]

Illustrators[edit | edit source]

Most cards do not have their illustrator listed; these cards were drawn by either Katsuyoshi Koya or Mayumi Hirota.

The Jugdral Anthology series featured several guest artists:

  • Akihiro Yamada (山田 章博)
  • Kamui Fujiwara (藤原 カムイ)
  • Munku Mutsuki (睦月 ムンク)
  • Kaya Kumamoto (椋本 夏夜)
  • Itsuki Hoshi (星 樹)
  • Fujitani (藤谷)
  • Kaori Fujita (藤田 香)
  • Wosamu Kine (木根 ヲサム)
  • Mana Asahi (真南 旭)[reading uncertain]
  • Hodzumiriya (ほづみりや)
  • Eiji Kaneda
  • Yusuke Kozaki

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