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The following is a list of version differences between the various ports of Fire Emblem Awakening. Throughout the various releases, it has been subject to alterations of the script and certain mechanics.

Timeline of version differences

Japanese release

  • April 19, 2012, the first release of the game.

North American release

Released in North America February 4, 2013.

Changes in this version
  • The “silent” voice option for the Avatar was removed. Such an Avatar would play no voice clips and have no lines of dialogue at all in the entire game, with the rest of the script slightly altered to accommodate for their lack of input by havng the other characters speak for them instead.
  • Tharja has had numerous instances of censorship and change.
    • Her original Japanese roster description "Has the nicest body in the army" was changed to "The one with the darkest thoughts." However, many other characters received different roster descriptions as well.
    • In the Summer Scramble DLC, the rear part of her swimsuit scene was very subtly censored by a curtain in North American versions of the game, for unknown reasons.

European release

Released in Europe April 19, 2013 and Australia April 20, 2013.

Changes in this version
  • The cutscene in which Sumia rescues Chrom at the Longfort is labelled "Lovebirds", which comes from the lasting phrase of two people sharing a moment. This cutscene title applies to both the Japanese and North American versions of the game, but is called "The Rescue" in the European version.
  • Tharja's conversation with Nowi in the Harvest Scramble DLC was altered in European versions to talk about her hair rather than her breasts. The North American version retained the original Japanese conversation.

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