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The following is a list of version differences between the various ports of Fire Emblem Fates. Throughout the various releases, it has been subject to alterations of the script and certain mechanics.

Timeline of version differences

Japanese release

  • June 25, 2015, the first release of the game.

North American release

Released in North America February 19, 2016.

Changes in this version
  • Various changes were made to My Castle:
    • The Private Quarters interaction was changed: In the Japanese version, players are given a Pokémon Amie styled mini-game where they perform a "skinship" with the character by rubbing the touch screen. Dialogue changes depending on the character's relationship with the player. This was removed in the western version in that Corrin's support with that character will be boosted as if you completed the minigame and plays the post-minigame cutscene when you invite an ally over or bond with your spouse. However, there are voice clips leftovers from an english version of the face-touching minigame, suggesting the minigame was fully translated before the decision was made to remove it.
    • In the North American version of the game the Sunglasses accessory is known as the 'Tinted Glasses', making it the only accessory to share its name with another one. This was likely an oversight by the localization team, and was renamed to 'Sunglasses' in the PAL release.
    • Swimsuits were made unavailable in the international versions of the Accessory Shop, with the only remaining obtainable "Swimsuit" accessory remaining in the North American version being the Bath Towel.
      • However, female Kana is unable to unequip a Bath Towel in the international versions of the game, even though it is possible in the Japanese version, but she will always appear with a towel their clothes are removed in battle (as certain weapons have the effect of removing armor and clothing from the enemy, leaving them in their underwear, which is maintained in all versions).
  • Various changes were made to story and overall dialogue:
    • General:
      • Young characters like Elise were indirectly taken by the dialogue as "adults" and removing or changing what is related to that, when in the Japanese version they are treated and indicated that they are still girls, such as Leo saying "Elise, when do you intend to behave like the adult that you technically are?", a change likely made in order to age her character slightly to avoid potential implications for the archetypes of this sort of character.
      • In the English version, Midori's support conversations with her cousin, Asugi, is more platonic than the Japanese version. This suggests that the localization team wanted to avoid incest implications between the two characters.
        • In the case she gets S Rank with Asugi they will be “companions” in the English versions, due to being cousins. In the Japanese version, however, they're considered lovers.
      • Hisame enjoyment of pickled vegetables, was further accentuated in the localized version, with many more lines about it.
      • In Soleil's supports with male Corrin, she has him try to help her to not sweat or faint around girls because she thinks that it's getting in her way of being a warrior by use of a magic hallucinogenic potion which causes her to see men as women. In the North American version, this is changed to a blindfold and imagining him as a girl to get used to girls due to the implications of the original text.
      • In the English version, unlike Morgan, who had several of their supports end romantically, Kana's S-supports may end platonically, rather than romantically, likely due to (the localization's interpretation) their young age, (with the exception of Selkie and Kiragi). Their platonic S supports include: Rhajat, Shiro, Velouria, Caeldori, Sophie and Hisame. However, the Hubba Tester and Compatibility will still retain the marriage lines.
      • Saizo and Beruka's C support was completely replaced by ellipses: In the Japanese version, they discussed about experiences of assassinating people, with the B conversation onwards reflecting that. In the localization, they still go on talking as if said support actually happened.
    • Campaign:
      • Xander's line about arresting Hans himself in Chapter 3 is not present in the Japanese version.
      • Lilith explicitly mentions her father, mother and friends having passed away when going to My Castle for the first time. In the localized version, she merely states "There’s no one left here".
      • While the localization states that Garon lured Sumeragi to Cheve under false pretenses, the Japanese version states that Sumeragi went to establish friendly relations with Cheve, rather than Nohr, and that Garon’s troops ambushed him instead of catching him in a trap.
      • Yukimura's line in Chapter 5 about Ryoma inheriting Raijinto from Sumeragi, and Takumi inherited Fujin Yumi from Mikoto is ommitted, leaving no mention in of the latter being the wielder of the bow prior to Takumi, although it would be later mentioned on Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher)'s twitter account, which would state that the Fujin Yumi was once used by Mikoto.
    • Birthright:
      • In Chapter 10, after having being purged of corruption by Azura and her telling him how talented and smart he is in his own right, Takumi reacts in confusion and cockiness, rather than genuine happiness and relief like in the original text.
      • Izana and Izumo's portryal was drastically altered: In the Japanese version, when asked about his capture and the battle between Hoshido and Nohr, Izana explains (albeit eccentrically) how Izumo is a neutral country that was taken by Nohr as a stepping stone to attack Hoshido. In the North American version, the lines regarding Nohr using Izumo as a point to attack Hoshido from are gone, with the addition of details such a careless-cheerful tone, and that he still had his pajamas him being put in a cell he previously equipped with velvet sheets and scented candles to which Corrin replies with “I’m so sorry you had to, uh, suffer through all that…”, where as in the Japanese version they are truly sympathetic to his situation.
      • Furthermore, its ending was affected as well: The original text of his ending mentions that he returned to his country, being popular due to his active role in the war and with a joking attitude that did not stop surprising everyone who visited the nation. The officially translated text changes it for him never being able to win another "Best Hair" contest and that "He tried to make up for it with lavish dinner parties and vacations, but he felt hollow inside.".
      • Scarlet mentions many of her people have strong ties to Hoshido, with her own grandfather having served under Sumeragi. The Japanese version goes further than that, with her saying that Cheve used to train people from both Nohr and Hoshido alike as renowned knights.
      • Takumi catching a illness in Chapter 10 is explained as coming from a Wolfskin prior, while Sakura says in the Japanese version that it's a rare disease that she’s only seen in medical books and has absolutely no idea why or how Takumi caught it.
      • In Chapter 17, Flora reveals that her getting attacked by Iago prior was a ruse by both of them in order to gain the party’s trust and lead them into the Ice Tribe’s trap. This is omitted in the localization.
      • In Chapter 21, Ryoma says multiple times that the Demon Falls used to be Notre Sagesse's territory before Nohr seized it and the place became a home for monsters. Ryoma and Sakura then speculate that given that fact and the map the Rainbow Sage gave the party lead them here, that it’s no wonder that the Sage knew about the passage to Windmire and possibly even made it himself. Localization cuts out all mention of this.
      • In Chapter 22, Elise reveals that after Arete died, Garon put up a statue of Anankos in his room. This is cut in localization.
      • Iago's boss conversation with Takumi in Chapter 25 in the Japanese version gives a bit more insight as to how Takumi leaked information, revealing that he'd send an owl with information of their whereabouts at night, and lose all memory of it coming morning. Localization makes no mention of this.
    • Conquest:
      • In Chapter 8 on the Conquest route, fighting Flora with Jakob leads to a brief dialogue change where Flora indirectly mentions her feelings and why she stayed around in servitude, to which he simply responds with confusion, whereas in the North American version, Jakob seems to understand what she said, and she responds to it as well.
    • Revelation:
      • When Corrin asks Flora in Chapter 12 if she knows anything about dragons, Flora says that the ancestral dragon of the Ice Clan has already perished and isn’t part of the legend she heard of, whereas the localization only says dragons have been gone for a long time that the tribe don’t even have tales of them
      • In Chapter 19, Azura says that Anankos uses his magic to send Vallites to Nohr and Hoshido to stir up conflict. She goes further in the Japanese version by saying he uses magic, along with the help of a body of water.
  • Due to unknown circumstances, the Hoshidan Festival of Bonds and the Nohrian Festival of Bonds DLC were never released outside of Japan, causing the Hero's Brand (which allows a male unit to access the Lodestar class) and the Exalt's Brand (which allows a female unit to access the Great Lord class) to be limited to one unit each along with their respective skills.
  • In the North American version, there are only three voice options for Male and Female Avatar compared to the Japanese version having 5 options for each.
  • It is not possible to get any of the three characters that could be obtained by buying certain packs of Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher).

European release

Released in Europe May 20, 2016, Australia April 10, 2016 and Korea September 8, 2016.

Changes in this version
  • A typo was corrected from the North American version of Saizo and Oboro's C Support, where Saizo says "I'm a solder" instead of "soldier".
  • Some of the song names in the Records Hall have been retranslated to the following: Dusk Comes, Untamed Bandit, Boundless Terrors, Advance.

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