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Fire Emblem Heroes - A Day in the Life (ファイアーエムブレム ヒーローズ 英雄たちの日常) is a manga adaption of Fire Emblem Heroes. As indicated by the title, the series consists of short gag comics, with each gag based on the everyday lives of the characters in Heroes.

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Announced on November 14, 2017 during a Feh Channel, it began publication on the official website for Heroes on the same day, and having chapters released on a weekly basis for two years before releasing a physical version of the comic on August 26 2019, which included 22 exclusive character-centered comics.

As it was only announced in a Feh Channel's Japanese broadcast, it was initially believed there were no plans to officially translate the comic into English or other non-Japanese languages; however, an official English version began on October 23, 2019 without prior announcement, starting with the 100th issue.

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