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Front cover of the CD

Fire Emblem Music Collection: Session ~Flower of Enchantment is a CD containing tracks from throughout the series. It costs 3,200 Yen and releases on 28th March 2018.

List of tracks[]

Number Song Title Game
1 Liberation Mystery of the Emblem
2 Story 5 – Encounter Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light
3 Battle Map 5 Final Map BGM (Player Side) Gaiden
4 Endless Battle New Mystery of the Emblem
5 The Ark of Dawn Shadows of Valentia
6 Grand of Askr Heroes
7 The Prince’s Despair The Sacred Stones
8 Battle For Whose Sake The Binding Blade
9 Bearer of Hope Radiant Dawn
10 Softly with Grace The Blazing Blade
11 Chapter 4 (Dance in the Skies) Genealogy of the Holy War
12 Road Taken (Roar) Fates
13 Sea Winds and Travelers Shadows of Valentia
14 The Heritors of Arcadia Shadows of Valentia
15 Fire Emblem Theme

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