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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is a hack and slash game for the Nintendo Switch. This collaboration between Intelligent Systems and the Koei Tecmo studio Omega Force is a crossover between the Fire Emblem series and Koei Tecmo's Warriors franchise, and the second entry of the Fire Emblem Warriors series. The game released worldwide on June 24, 2022.


According to Koei Tecmo development staff interviewed for the magazine Nintendo Dream, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes began development after the completion of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Initially proposed with a simple placeholder title of Fire Emblem Warriors 2, plans were considered early on to make it a collaboration title in the vein of the original, with characters from multiple titles in the series crossing over. However, as development progressed, the decision was made to keep focus directly on the cast and world of Three Houses. This decision parallels with the Legend of Zelda spinoff Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.


Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes was first announced on February 9, 2022 during a Nintendo Direct. Unlike its predecessor, Fire Emblem Warriors, which is a crossover featuring characters from multiple games in the series in a brand new world, Three Hopes is solely focused in the story and setting of Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

A demo was released on June 9, 2022 comprising of the first four chapters of the game. The player's progress in the demo transfers over to the full retail version.


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Fodlan worldmap Three Hopes

The world map of Three Hopes.

The story of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is set on the continent of Fódlan and begins a year before the events of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. The game is set during two time periods. The first begins in Imperial Year 1180, during the characters' time as students at the Officers Academy, acting as an introductory segment to the game. The longer second part then jumps two years later, with Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude seen in multiple storyline routes: Scarlet Blaze, Azure Gleam, and Golden Wildfire as their three nations are now at war with each other.

Some characters from the latter reappear in the former as playable characters, including Monica in the Scarlet Blaze route, and Rodrigue in the Azure Gleam route. Several relatives of the Three Houses cast either appear for the first time or are fought against: Rufus is the uncle of Dimitri; Leopold, Waldemar, Grégoire and Matthias are the fathers of Caspar, Linhardt, Bernadetta and Sylvain respectively; Holst is the brother of Hilda; and Shahid is the older half-brother of Claude.


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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is set in an alternate timeline from Fire Emblem: Three Houses. The main character is Shez, a mercenary who at the beginning of the game is in service of Berling's Mercenaries, who rival Jeralt's Mercenaries.


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In a bid to attack and destroy Jeralt's Mercenaries, Shez's mercenary companions are wiped out instead, and Shez in turn is struck down by Byleth. However, Shez is immediately brought back from death and escapes with their life due to an entity named Arval that awakens within them. Shez learns that, because of Arval, they are incapable of dying.

Six months after this incident, Shez is lost in the woods near Remire when they stumble into the path of Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude, who are on the run from bandits. In the Three Hopes version of this event, it is Shez that aids them in fighting off the bandits. Consequently, Shez is asked to come with the Church soldiers to Garreg Mach Monastery, where they are given the opportunity to enroll as a student at the Officers Academy in the house of their choosing. Similar to Three Houses, the story plays out in a different fashion depending on the house Shez chooses to enroll with. However, because of Shez's actions, Byleth consequently does not become an academy teacher in this timeline, and the house that Shez chooses to join is instead taught by the weapons instructor Jeritza.

The first mission given to Shez's class is to mop up the remaining members of Kostas's bandits that were responsible for the ambush in the woods. Embarking on this mission, Shez's class is led by Jeritza to a mysterious fortress where the remaining bandits are holed up. However, while exploring the fortress, they discover and rescue Monica, a Black Eagles student that had gone missing toward the end of the previous school year. After coming to her rescue and fighting off a mysterious woman, they return with her to the Monastery, where Monica reveals her kidnapper was Tomas, the monastery librarian. When Church soldiers confront Tomas, he drops his disguise, revealing himself to be the mage Solon, and vanishes. Over the course of these events, Shez witnesses these adversaries use abilities that reflect their own and grows concerned, though the house leaders and students don't feel any reason to distrust them.

After this incident, events lead the house leaders to return to their respective nations to tend to individual business. Edelgard uses the revelations brought by Monica to accelerate her timetable and expunge the influence of Those Who Slither in the Dark from the Empire and become the new Emperor. Dimitri, meanwhile, returns to the Kingdom to settle a sudden dispute regarding royal succession, and Claude returns to the Alliance territories to defend the border against an Almyran attack led by an ambitious prince vying for the Almyran throne.

With the majority of the students now either away on business or preoccupied, Rhea closes the Officers Academy in 1180 and sends the rest of the students home.

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The Ashen Demon[]

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In all routes, Byleth and Jeralt are hired by factions opposed to Shez and hinder them throughout the war that follows the prologue. Shez encounters and fights Byleth and Jeralt multiple times, either as optional or main battle objectives.

During a critical battle in all three routes, the path of the story will diverge. In these key battles, if Shez kills Jeralt, Byleth swears revenge and sacrifices their mortal body to Sothis, who senses and is vexed by Arval's presence. This ultimately leads to the "bad" ending for the respective route.

If Shez instead avoids direct confrontation with the mercenaries and convinces Byleth and Jeralt to surrender, the two are hired by Shez's faction. In the event that Byleth and Jeralt are part of Shez's force, prior to the final battle of each route, Arval possesses Shez and attempts to kill Byleth. When that fails, they banish Shez, Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude to Zahras.

In Zahras, Shez loses their connection to Arval, who has become one with their original identity of Epimenides, an Agarthan that swore revenge and is bent on killing Sothis and conquering Fódlan for those who slither in the dark. Shez and the three lords kill Epimenides, freeing them from Zahras. Once back in Fódlan, the lords call a temporary truce in order to return to their respective forces before continuing the war.

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Scarlet Blaze[]

Edelgard and her forces claim Garreg Mach for the Empire, forcing the Church of Seiros to seek aid from the Kingdom. The Empire manages to hold back troops from the Kingdom and Alliance to secure key locations in the west and east. Months later, Edelgard and Claude form a pact for the Empire and Alliance to work together to defeat the Kingdom and Church of Seiros. As their forces begin to surround the Kingdom, many Adrestrian territories are suddenly attacked by "those who slither in the dark" and a revolt led by Duke Aegir. Edelgard's army slays Duke Aegir and contains most of the chaos before advancing back to the Kingdom. While the Empire and Alliance fight the Kingdom and Church of Seiros in the north, Rhea uses a secret passage and leads her soldiers to reclaim Garreg Mach, which is also approached by Thales and "those who slither in the dark". Edelgard's forces manages to hold back both armies until Rhea and Thales seemingly kill each other. With their absences, the influence of the Central Church wanes and "those who slither in the dark" vanish.

There are two endings to this route that are determined by Shez deciding to recruit or kill Jeralt and Byleth. If they recruit them, then the Empire and Alliance will prepare for their final battle with the Kingdom to end the war. If they kill Jeralt, Byleth joins Claude and encourages him to break the pact with the Empire during the battle with the Kingdom and Church in the north. Claude's betrayal causes all three ruling powers of Fódlan to return to war against each other with no end in sight.

Azure Gleam[]

Upon the start of the war, Dimitri chooses to grant asylum to the Church of Seiros and go to war against the Empire. As they attempt to reclaim western territories, they face a revolt from the traitorous former royal family mage Cornelia and the western lords. After they defeat her, Cornelia tells Dimitri that his stepmother, Edelgard's mother, was involved in the Tragedy of Duscur and encourages him to seek answers from Edelgard before dying.

The Kingdom and the Empire later face off in Arianrhod, with the Kingdom emerging victorious. Dimitri confronts Edelgard during her retreat, but Thales appears and attacks both of them. Edelgard reveals that Thales was responsible for the death of Dimitri's father, but before he can be confronted, Thales uses his magic to subdue Edelgard and put her under his control. Duke Aegir is then restored to power as Regent of the Empire under the pretense that Edelgard is unwell. With Edelgard little more than a puppet and Thales controlling events from behind the scenes, the Empire turns more chaotic and ruthless. Dimitri and Claude form a partnership and engage in a strategy. By feinting attacks in the west and east, the Kingdom and Alliance split the imperial forces before converging on an assault to liberate Garreg Mach Monastery from the Empire with the aid of the Knights of Seiros.

The feint is only partially successful, and the allied forces of the Kingdom and Alliance face off against imperial forces led by Aegir with Edelgard in tow at Ailell. After killing Aegir on the field of battle, the Kingdom and Alliance assault the monastery. Thales attempts to fight Dimitri's army with the aid of a mind-controlled Edelgard, but Dimitri kills Thales.

With Thales's mind-control having left Edelgard in a childlike state, and the Empire as a whole on its heels from both the defeat at Garreg Mach and significant internal strife, the allied forces push on to Enbarr in order to crush the Empire for good, upending the power structure across Fódlan.

Golden Wildfire[]

Claude initially opposes Edelgard in defense of Leicester. However, an attempt to counterinvade the Empire is interrupted when Shahid launches another attack on the Alliance, forcing Claude to break his momentum against Adrestia to repel and kill Shahid. Claude negotiates a ceasefire with Edelgard. Four months later, the Alliance is reformed as the Leicester Federation, with Claude as its first king. Claude, who agrees with Edelgard's belief that Rhea is stagnating Fódlan, sets out to kill Rhea and cripple the Church's military and political power. Claude drives Dimitri to the capital of Faerghus, but is forced to back down when those who slither in the dark incite civil unrest in Leicester. The Empire and Federation defeat the Kingdom and Church in battle. Dimitri abandons the Church to protect Faerghus, allowing Claude and Shez to battle and kill Rhea. With his goal complete, Claude proposes an end to the war, although it is uncertain whether his words will be heeded.


Like the original Fire Emblem Warriors and other entries in Koei Tecmo's long-running Warriors, or Musou franchise, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is an action game with strategic elements that influence the flow of battle. The playable characters are capable of fighting against hundreds in battle at once, but must be strategically deployed, commanded and controlled to complete objectives. Many of the gameplay concepts are taken from the original Fire Emblem Warriors with adjustments influenced by elements of Three Houses.

War Map[]

Missions selection is depicted through the War Map. Each chapter features a main objective battle that drives the story forward, as well as a collection of side-mission battles that require at least some be fought in order to gain access to it. Completing these side missions will also grant access to rewards on the map, though some of these rewards have extra conditions that must be met in order to access, such as clearing the battle with a character of a specific class present or clearing every side mission within the battle.

By clearing side missions on the War Map, the player will also gain points that can be spent on special strategies to implement in the chapter's main battle. These strategies allow for recruiting specific enemy units, opening access to shortcuts, bolstering base defenses, and similar actions. Additional strategies can also be earned by clearing side missions on the War Map.

Paralogue battles can be accessed from the War Map when the conditions to play them are met. In these battles, the player is limited to the units involved in the Paralogue storyline, as well as Shez.

After completing Chapter 4, the player can replay battles as auxiliary battles by talking to the Record Keeper in the camp. If the player is playing on a New Game+, the Record Keeper also allows replaying any battle from other routes that were previously completed. New Game+ also allows the use of the Vanguard Whistle while on the War Map. By expending a Vanguard Whistle, the player can mark a side mission on the War Map as instantly cleared. The battle is marked as cleared with a rank of D and the player will not receive any rewards or experience, as the use of the Vanguard Whistle is a time-saving optional feature.


Adjutants function in a manner similar to the Pair Up mechanic from the the original Fire Emblem Warriors. The player can make another playable character an adjutant during battle. Adjutants boost the abilities of the player-controlled character, and the player can swap to control the adjutant or dismiss the pair-up at any time with the L button wheel.

While the Adjutant being able to attack is still on a meter, this is now an automatic process that happens once the meter is filled, rather than being a manual input.

Partner Specials[]

Much like the previous Warriors game, paired up units have the ability to combine their firepower into a Partner Special. Unlike the previous Warriors game, Partner Specials are not unique, and are essentially the two units' individual Specials done back-to-back.


Characters that are mounted class units such as Cavaliers or Pegasus Knights can dismount mid-battle at the player's command to fight on foot. Doing so allows the units to avoid effective-type attacks that target mounted units, like the Pegasus Knight's weakness to bows. The player can mount or dismount units they actively control with the L-button wheel, and player units that they do not actively control can be given the order from the battle map.


In Three Hopes, characters can equip battalions to serve as extra defense against specific weapon types. Higher-ranking battalions offer a greater degree of protection. Battalions have their own individual endurance that wears down as the character to whom their assigned takes damage. Unlike Three Houses, battalions do not have gambits and battalion members are not visually represented in battle, but their endurance is determined by Charm of the assigned unit.

Base Camp[]

The Base Camp serves a similar function to that of Garreg Mach Monastery in Three Houses. The player can freely roam the grounds or fast travel to specific points of interest in order to talk to other characters or make use of the facilities. Facilities can be upgraded with the expenditure of upgrade materials acquired as battle rewards.

Training Grounds[]

Between battles, the player may spend allotted time at the Training Grounds. Assigned pairs of characters can train together to earn Class Level experience. Players can also use Seals while at the training grounds to promote to a higher tier of class. Similar to the original Fire Emblem Warriors, character levels can also be leveled up by paying gold, but cannot exceed that of the current highest-leveled member of the roster through this method.


Similar to Three Houses, the player, controlling Shez, may prepare meals using ingredients acquired during battle or bought at the item shop to share with others. Sharing meals matching the preferences of other characters will result in a higher morale boost and greater Support gain. Different meals also impart different effects such as reducing durability cost of weapon skills or boosting the rate at which the special attack gauge fills. These status effects remain in place for the duration of the current chapter once active.


By speaking to the Chore Master in the base camp, Shez may spend an activity point to engage in a chore with two other characters. Doing so raises the support between the involved units, as well as grant a morale boost. Additional rewards such as gifts that can also be earned depending on the quality of the work.

Secret Shop[]

Anna's Secret Shop will become available for the duration of the current chapter if the player manages to encounter Anna on the War Map. When set up, her shop is a short distance from the base camp's regular item shop. She sells class promotion seals and rare stat-boosting items. In chapters where only the main story battle is available, Anna will appear in the camp without needing to be found.


Expeditions are leisurely expeditions that the player may embark on with any character whom they share at least a Support rank of C. Similar to the tea parties in Three Houses, the player engages with the character in conversation and can boost their Support with them. If the player gives enough responses that the character prefers, they will be rewarded with an opportunity to admire the character.

amiibo and Save Data Features[]

Similar to previous Fire Emblem titles and the original Fire Emblem Warriors, Three Hopes is compatible with amiibo figures. Players can scan five amiibo to unlock random rewards per day. There are no unique rewards for using any official Fire Emblem character amiibo like in Fire Emblem Warriors. However, any Fire Emblem amiibo scanned has a higher chance of giving players better rewards than a non-Fire Emblem amiibo.

Three Hopes also features compatibility with save data from Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Fire Emblem Warriors. The player can collect one-time reward bonuses for each game when save files for them are detected. Three Hopes will also default Byleth's name to the name the player gave them in their most recent Three Houses save file, though the player can still change it.

Character Progression[]

Leveling Up[]

Characters can level up and increase their core stats through two methods. They can earn experience by participating in battle and defeating enemies, or through spending gold the Training Grounds in the Base Camp. The amount of gold required to level up increases as the character rises in level, but characters cannot grow in level beyond that of the current highest-level character on the roster through use of the Training Grounds.

It is also possible to reset a character to Level 1 and grow them again from the ground up. In so doing, the character's stats will revert to their initial defaults, plus any growths gained from the prior use of permanent stat-boosting items.


Class Change[]

Class Change differs from both Three Houses and the the original Fire Emblem Warriors. Classes now exist on a four-tier promotion tree, with Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Master classes. All playable units have access to the same selection of Beginner-tier classes: Myrmidon, Soldier, Fighter, and Monk. To earn more advanced classes, units must first master the appropriate classes in the tier(s) above them.

In order to perform a Class Change, a seal matching the class's rank must be spent on that class once the prerequisite class has been mastered. All units have preferred classes, which are denoted on the class tree with blue chevrons.

Select units also have unique personal classes. These classes also appear on the promotion tree and seals must be used to unlock them in the same manner as any other class. The Dancer class, which can be learned by any unit, is not available by default and must be unlocked as a side mission reward from the War Map.

(Thief tree) Myrmidon → ThiefAssassinTrickster
(Mercenary tree) Myrmidon → MercenarySwordmasterMortal Savant

Soldier → Pegasus Knight (♀)/CavalierPaladinFalcon Knight (♀)/Dark Knight/Holy Knight

(Knight tree) Fighter → Armored KnightFortress KnightGreat Knight
(Warrior tree) Fighter → BrigandWarrior/Wyvern RiderWyvern Lord
(Archer tree) Fighter → ArcherSniperBow Knight
(Brawler tree ♂) Fighter → BrawlerGrapplerWar Master

Monk → Priest/MageBishop/Warlock/Dark Mage (♂) → Gremory (♀)/Dark Bishop (♂)


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In addition to the new protagonist Shez and their guide Arval, Three Hopes features most of the playable characters from Three Houses. Of the cast playable in Three Houses, only Hanneman, Gilbert, Alois, Cyril, and Anna are not playable in Three Hopes, while Monica, Rodrigue, Jeralt, Rhea, Sothis and Gatekeeper are made playable. Additional characters that were only mentioned and never seen in Three Houses make direct appearances in the story of Three Hopes, with Holst being the only one made playable.

Unlike Three Houses, in which the player can recruit most student characters to their side regardless of the route, Three Hopes only allows for the recruitment of specific characters per route as optional battle objectives. Certain characters are available in all three routes, while some are shared between two routes, and others exclusive to only one. The number of route-exclusive characters also varies greatly, with Azure Gleam featuring the most with a total of ten, while Golden Wildfire only has three playable characters that are unavailable in either of the other routes.



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Voice cast[]

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Combat Arts/Magic[]

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  • Thieves' Den
  • Enbarr
  • Fhirdiad
  • Fodlan's Locket
  • Garreg Mach Monastery
  • Magdred Way
  • Great Bridge of Myrddin
  • Arianrhod, the Fortress City


  • Three Hopes is the final video game voice acting performance by the late Billy Kametz, the English voice of Ferdinand, who passed away on June 9th, 2022, fifteen days before the release of Three Hopes.
  • When embarking on Expeditions, sprite-art of Shez and the character they're traveling with will appear as riding horses on the loading screen. Similar to Byleth's appearance on the loading screens of Three Houses, the player can move the characters left and right by using the gyro controls in the Switch JoyCons or Pro Controller.
  • The relation between the original Fire Emblem Warriors and Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes mirrors that of another Nintendo/Koei Tecmo Warriors series collaboration in the Hyrule Warriors series. Similar to the original Fire Emblem Warriors, the original Hyrule Warriors as a crossover title between casts from multiple entries in the Legend of Zelda series. However, just as Three Hopes is focused on the setting and characters of Fire Emblem: Three Houses specifically, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity is focused on the cast and world of a specific Zelda title: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
  • Of all of the playable characters in the game, Constance is the only character with two distinct character model variants not based on gender, with versions based on her shady and sunlight personalities. These variants are individually viewable in the Unit Viewer under the game's Extras menu. Likewise, Constance is unique in that she has two sets of battle dialogues and level-up quotes based on her two personalities. The model and dialogue used is dependent on the stage played.
  • Of the Nintendo-collaboration Warriors titles produced by Koei Tecmo, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is the first to not see post-launch downloadable content with its initial release.
  • This is the first Fire Emblem game not to be released in Russia due to the Russo-Ukrainian War, which was situated four months before its worldwide release. It was later followed by Engage.