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A map of the Warriors continent.

The continent that appears in Fire Emblem Warriors is unnamed. It is a continent home to a few diverse locations, such as forests, volcanoes, gorges, and deserts.



Long before the events of the game, there was a Divine Dragon who protected the continent. Soon, the Chaos Dragon, Velezark, unleashed an army of monsters known as Outrealm Fiends, as well as Fire Dragons. The two dragons fought, forcing the Divine Dragon to seal Velezark away with a Shield containing her power. After the battle, she went to the World Tree, where she spent the last few moments of her life, leaving behind two of her fangs in the form of swords, Enliron and Facinna, which could pierce through Outrealm Fiends with ease.

The two kingdoms, Aytolis and Gristonne, had a bad bond between them and there was a war, during which time, Grisstone built a foritified citadel. Overtime the relationship became the two countries eventually became a more friendly one.

Yelena and the King of Aytolis eventually had twins, Rowan and Lianna, while the King of Gristonne, Oskar, had a son named Darios. The King of Aytolis eventually died, leading Oskar to send suport to Aytolis from Grisstone, whilst his son befriended the royals of Aytolis during this time.

War of the Chaos Dragon

Years later, Oskar and Grisstone decide to declare war on Aytolis, reviving the ancient feud between the two Kingdoms, whilst planning to resurrect the Chaos Dragon and claim his power for their kingdom. Due to being estranged from his father and countrymen, Darios sided with Aytolis over Grisstonne.

When the Chaos Dragon was close to being resurrected, releasing Outrealm Fiends and heroes and villains from two other worlds (one of which from two time periods), and seemingly killing Yelena. With the heroes of Ylisse, Hoshido, Nohr, and Altea, the twins searched for Gleamstones that were carried by five heroes from other worlds and obtained the swords left by the Divine Dragon.

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Darios eventually fell to the Chaos Dragon's power and became possessed, forming a temporary alignment with the oblivious Oskar. Yelena was revealed to be alive and planned to be a sacrifice to give the Chaos Dragon his full power. After Yelena was saved, Velezark betrayed Oskar and killed him as the sacrifice, giving him his full power. Velezark soon left Darios' body, killing him in an attempt to take the lives of the twins.

Afterward, the heroes and the twin royals fought Velezark and finally destroyed him once in for all. This also forced the heroes to return to their worlds.

The twin royals were soon crowned as king and queen of Aytolis, whilst the fate of Gristonne is never revealed.

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Similarities to other Fire Emblem continents

The world of Fire Emblem Warriors takes inspiration from several canon continents of the Fire Emblem series, particularly from Awakening and Fates.


  • The sacred sword(s) is made of the fangs of a Divine Dragon.
  • The Fire Emblem is a Shield with five orbs powering it and was used to seal dragon(s).
  • The main enemy dragon leads an army of Fire Manaketes.

Ylisse and Valm

  • Divine Dragon is used as a singular term of worship to refer to a Divine Dragon queen.
  • There is a Dragon's Table that Validar uses to conduct a ritual.
  • The desert coliseum bears a resemblance to Arena Ferox.
  • There is a large tree that has a connection with the Divine Dragon of this world, similar to the Mila Tree.

Fire Emblem Fates continent

  • There are two opposing locations:
    • One is a gorge with a medieval Japanese castle, resembling Hoshido.
    • The other is a volcano with a medieval European castle, resembling Nohr.
  • Dragon Veins exist in this world.
  • The continent's name is unknown.

Various Continents