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The Article Guidelines contains guides to structure an article and some overall rules which should be followed by editors to ensure the consistency between articles.

The guide will also refer to some wikitexts, see Help:Editing to know how to use them.



  • An article should start with an infobox where the template is available. See: Category:Infobox Templates.
  • The opening paragraph will be used for an introduction to the character/class/chapter... The profile or summary can also go here if there isn't enough info for a separate section.
  • The Etymology section (optional): A description of the character's name origins and any pertinent information related to the name and character.
  • The Trivia section (optional): Trivia can contain a plethora of notable quirks and information related to the character. Trivia should stay self-contained within the Fire Emblem universe and not contain any trivia related to external sources and media unless explicitly stated by a developer/staff of the game.
  • The Gallery section containing images and/or videos uses the <gallery></gallery> markup.
  • Navigations provide the corresponding Navigation Templates.


These are additional sections for specific types of page which can be varied depending on the content.


  • Quote (following the infobox) should provide insight to the character, use the Quote template. Quotes are ideally taken from the character's game(s) of origin with the most recent games taking prescience, though quotes from official Fire Emblem media and games may be used if a better, suitable quote can be found. Fan translations of quotes may be used if no official international release of the game(s).
  • The Profile section: All character pages shall contain a profile page highlighting a character's history and involvement in a Fire Emblem game. Priority of information should be based off of cutscene involvement for the main information of these pages. Support Conversations and similar in-game events may be added to the page if it expands on similar information. All primary protagonists, a.k.a. Lord characters, should have a vast majority of story information due to their role as the main character(s) of their respective stories and drive or are driven by the plot of the story. All pages may contain spoilers and shall be handled in the manner listed below in the Spoiler section of this page.
  • The Personality section (optional).: A character's overall personality and traits should be listed in this section. Interesting traits and quirks, including their likes and dislikes, can be be mentioned in this section.
  • The In-Game section:
    • Game (Fire Emblem: ABC/Fire Emblem: XYZ)
      • Recruitment - Highlights when a character is recruited in game and can detail specific conditions/quirks of their recruitment if necessary.
      • Base Stats: use character base stat templates. See: Category:Character Templates.
      • Growth Rates: use character growth rate templates. See: Category:Character Templates.
      • Supports (optional) - If a Support mechanic exists within a character's game, all applicable support partners shall be listed in this section. Priority of the listings should be on the recruitment order of said game.
      • Promotions (optional)
      • Overall (optional): A description of the character's performance in the games in which they are playable in. The Overall section should highlight the character's strengths and weaknesses in a neutral manner. This is to discourage lambasting a character for readers who desire to use them out of genuine interest. Character's should primarily be compared, if compared at all, to characters within their own game. Characters can also be compared to other units from other games, especially if they are of the same Archetype. A {{Subjective}} should be put at the header of an Overall section to highlight that information in these sections are subjective to the opinion of the editor(s) of said sections.
  • The Quotes section: Any quotes related to a character can be listed her so long as they are either pre-battle quotes or Final Chapter quotes. Except for battle dialogue, conversation ladders shall not exceed 6 exchanges of dialogue in a conversation. Any character in a game that has voice acting from Fire Emblem Awakening onward shall have a dedicated subpage created for combat quotes and certain important quotes such as My Castle facility dialogue and Event Tile quotes.
  • The Ending section: Ending section shall contain all possible endings from the game's Credits written here. If a character has multiple ending possibilities, their solo ending shall be listed first (with their character title) followed by their paired endings in recruitment order.


  • Quote (following the infobox) provides an in-game description of the class.
  • The History in the Series section (optional).
  • The In-Game section:
    • Combat
    • Promotions
  • The Stats section: use the Classstat templates.
    • Base
    • Maximum
    • Growth rates
  • The Notable __ section:
    • Game
      • Characters


  • Quote (following the infobox): usually the Opening Narration of the chapter or quotes from the characters which depicts the chapter best.
  • The Story section (optional)
  • The Initial enemy section (if available)
  • The Reinforcements section (if available)
  • The Items section (if available)
  • The Shops section (if available)
  • The Strategy section (optional)


  • Fire Emblem Wikia contains information about all games and media of the Fire Emblem franchise. As this Wikia strives to be a comprehensive encyclopedia of information, many pages include spoilers including, but not limited to, critical plot points, important lore, and plot twists (such as family relationships, character lore, etc.).
  • Pages containing plot points deemed spoilers shall be marked by a {{Spoiler}} and {{SpoilerEnd}} as to hide such information from users who wish to avoid such revelations preemptively.
  • Information that can be deemed a spoiler is at the discretion of Wikia staff. If a page has information that is not currently under a spoiler tag may be added by registered users, though notice/input by an admin may be necessary to maintain said tag.


Infobox image[]

  • The image in a character infobox should be their official artwork, with the following order of priority to place in the infobox: Main series > Artbook > Spin-off > DLC/Spotpass > Other materials (TCG, manga, comic etc.).
    • If a character has artworks from more than one game in the main series, tabber may be used to display all incarnations. If a game contains more than one official artworks, only one which is more plot-important or has a neutral stance may be used.
  • The image in a class infobox should be the generic portrait of the class from the most recent game. If no portrait is available, the next choice would be a crop from a TCG card, and if failing that, an in-game screenshot can be used instead.
  • The image in an item/weapon infobox is the official artwork or concept art from the most recent game it has appeared in. If no official artwork is available, the next choice would be a crop from a TCG card, and if failing that, a screenshot of the item/weapon being used in game.
    • An exception to this being the Falchion, where a tabber was used to display all incarnations of the sword in the infobox, as all of which hold essential roles in the plot.
    • Use of an item/weapon cropped from a character artwork must be avoided.


  • Keep the gallery organized. The preferred order for types of images on the Fire Emblem Wiki is as follows:
  1. Concept art
  2. Official artwork
  3. Promotional and special artwork
  4. TCG cards
  5. Appearances in cutscenes
  6. Portraits
  7. Sprites and models (for 2D and 3D games, respectively)

Note: All types of images should also be sorted by game and ordered by release. And image in the infobox should not present in the gallery.

  • Images on Gallery pages must be Official Artwork or come from a licensed Fire Emblem related media.
  • Fanart uploaded to Fire Emblem Wikia may be utilized in Userpages and Blogs, but may not be added to an official page.
  • Images are subject for deletion based on duplication, inappropriate/explicit imagery, or if not being used under proper conditions.