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These are the policies developed over time by the Fire Emblem Wiki community. Although exceptions may arise and they are subject to change, editors and readers should follow them in most cases to ensure the quality of articles as well as avoiding conflicts. Please read carefully.



  • Due to Book 1 of Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem being a remake of the original Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, only the events of Book 2 are referred to as the events of Mystery of the Emblem.
  • Names of Character pages shall primarily use the names used from their respective games of origin.
    • As a North America based Wiki, all names shall be from the North American localizations of the Fire Emblem games.
    • If they go by multiple names, their commonly refered to name shall take prescience unless otherwise deemed necessary to go by another.
    • Games that are Japan exclusive shall use the name in the original Japanese release unless named differently in Fire Emblem Heroes.
  • Names of non-character figures should refer to their most recurring English name, with exceptions. On the page for the figure itself, the figure should be referred to by an older name when speaking of untranslated games or games where the older name was used in English, if it differs. On pages that link to it, refer to the page name without pipeing, unless the figure has a different name in the English version of the game being referenced.
    • Page name of the figure itself will also be the most recurring English name, if failing that, the English name that came out first will be used instead.


  • When uploading images, don't give them gibberish names. At least attempt to be descriptive and to the point.
    • Likewise, several images will be named with outdated names as they were uploaded from before the official English name was known. As long as the subject is still clearly identified, please do not label this images for renaming solely because of that.
  • Cipher card images should be named after their card numbers, this is to keep them easy to look for and maintain with templates.


See also: Fire Emblem Wiki:Article Guidelines
  • Do not plagiarize, content taken from other sources must receive permission from its original author and attribution must be provided. Do report to any admin if you encounter this case.
  • In Fire Emblem Heroes, when handling skill pages, please note that:
    • Skills that have + versions (Silver Sword+, Armorslayer+, Martyr+ etc.) and passive skills divided into several tiers (Fury 1, Fury 2, Fury 3, Fury 4 etc.) should be merged together with their respective original articles.
    • The display name of a skill page should not contain slash(es) (/) if any in the skill name, and abbreviations should be restored to their original forms. For example, Rally Atk/Spd should have its page named Rally Attack Speed.
  • Pages created about websites have to follow a set of rules, otherwise it will be deleted:
    • It must be a Fire Emblem based site.
    • The site must be active (no under construction or dead sites).
    • The site cannot be a wiki.
    • The article must be written from a neutral perspective.
    • The site must not be a site that only links to other sites.
    • The page must have a fair amount of content, it cannot be simply one line and an external link(s).
    • A link to the website is acceptable, but do not over do it with 100 links to the website within 300 words.


  • Fire Emblem Wikia is a free resource that can be viewed by all users. We require that all editors have a registered Wikia account. This is to minimize the amount of vandalism and keep track of user contribution to the Wikia's growth. Fire Emblem Wikia welcomes all who wish to assist in improving the quality of the wiki.
  • Users are not allowed to use blogs/forums/talk page comments/user pages to harass users. Users may freely edit their own Profile and Blogs and monitor the content of their own User Talk pages so long as it abides by the Fire Emblem Wikia rules. Users may not edit the user pages of other users unless fixing a broken link or with explicit permission by that user to do so.
  • Talk pages are meant to discuss relevent topics regarding the page itself, either issues or clarifications needed to be addressed. Any sort of discussion or non-content related shall be done in the Forums only. Users shall also not delete any content from a page unless to modify part of a post that the user posted themselves.
  • Excessive profane language, explicit images and racial/religious slurs will not be tolerated, and will be reverted/deleted on sight. Depending on the severity of the offense, the perpetrator will either be warned or banned outright. This does not apply to profanity in actual in game dialogue. While use of profanity is discouraged, simply using it will not be reverted unless it is used to insult others. (likewise, users shouldn't go out of their way to censor any "naughty words" they see) In other words, keep it civil and keep it G at best, but PG-13 at worst.
  • Excessive edit warring is discouraged on Fire Emblem Wikia. If users are in disagreement with the content of a page, do not repeatedly undo each other's edits. Contact an admin to clarify the situation and come to an conclusion.
  • All Fire Emblem content pages upon creation are to be open to only users with Wikia accounts. Excessive vandalism and/or edit warring on any content page may result in the page being locked from edits aside from registered users only or possibly only to administrators for egregious cases.
  • A ban may be enforced on registered users/anonymous users for the following reasons:
    • Actively and/or repetitively vandalising the Wikia in any manner.
    • Engaging in uncivil, spiteful, and/or rude behavior to another user.
    • Uploading/posting adult content or otherwise unacceptable media.
    • Any violation of Fandom Terms of Use.
  • Lengths of bans are subject to the Fire Emblem Wikia Administrators and/or Fandom staff. Repeated violations and subsequent rebannings may be subject to longer bans with potential indefinite bans.