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Fishing is a minigame in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.


Fishing is an optional side activity that can be undertaken at the fishing pond at the south end of Garreg Mach Monastery. Byleth can fish once for each piece of bait in their inventory. Each fishing session grants Byleth a small amount of Professor Level experience, and fish caught can be prepared as food, sold for money, or given to others in quests.

After selecting the type of bait to use, which determines the rarity of fish that can be caught, Byleth will cast the line, and the player must press A when a fish bites in order to begin the catch attempt. They do not need to reel in the first fish that bites, allowing the player at least three, and up to five different bites to reel in a more favorable fish with one use of bait. If the line is not reeled in by the third bite, the bait may be lost, but there is a chance you will see four or even five before the line breaks, and will require new bait to be recast.

During the struggle to catch a fish, health gauges representing Byleth's line strength and the fish's stamina appear on screen. The player must press A with proper timing as a ring shrinks around the screen's center and lines up with a concentric ring inside it. For each successful press, the fish's stamina will decrease. However, any attempt worse than an Excellent will also cause significant damage to the fishing line. The fish is caught if its stamina is depleted before the line snaps.

Fish come in five different rarities indicated by color and size.

  • Small Blue Shadow - Rarity 1 or 2 fish. Requires at least 3 perfect reels.
  • Large Blue Shadow - Rarity 2 or 3 fish. Requires at least 5 perfect reels.
  • Red Shadow - Rarity 4 or 5 fish.
  • Golden Shadow - Special Silver, Gold, or Platinum fish to be sold for a high price. Requires at least 7 perfect reels.
  • Ancient Shadow - Extremely rare fish. Provides great bonuses if used for a fish dish.

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