Fishing for the Big One is a post-time-skip quest given to you by a Soldier dressed as a Bishop in Fire Emblem Three Houses.

Quest Details Edit

"Something is terrorizing the fish in the pond. Are there any fishing savants who can help me investigate?"

Requirements Edit

"Catch the Big One, the mysterious fish of legend that is said to have appeared in the fishing pond."

The fish in question is a Fódlandy. Catching it completes the quest.

Quest-Giver Dialogue Edit

"The fish seem skittish lately... It's said that every five years, in the wake of a storm, a mystery fish appears and eats up all of the other fish in the pond. They call it the Big One. I thought that it was just a legend though."

Quest Completion DialogueEdit

"You got rid of the Big One! Now the other fish can rest easy. Assuming fish rest... Anyway, nice work."

Location Edit

Given to you by a soldier dressed as a Bishop near the fishing pond. Available after the time skip.

Rewards Edit

  • Fishing Float (x1)
  • Herring Bait (x2)
  • Bullhead (x1)
  • 500 Renown

Strategy Edit

Secret Book (Artwork)
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Unlike most fish, this one appears as a purple fish icon called "Strange Fish Shadow". Time the rhythm and the player may get a Perfect.

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