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Fjalar is one of the Twelve Crusaders that possesses the title of Mage Fighter. She is the original wielder of the Valflame and the founder of the dukedom of Velthomer Castle. Her blood runs through the royal family.


Fjalar's name comes from a dwarf in Norse mythology of the same name. However the dwarf was male, and together with his brother Galar were wicked murderers known for killing the god Kvasir, and the giant Gilling. The murder of Kvasir is well known in Norse mythology, as the dwarfs then drained him of his blood, and mixed it with honey. Forming a mead that created poets among mankind.

Fjlar was also the name of a rooster whose crow would signal the beginning of Ragnarok.

Her Japanese name, Fala may be a corruption of Vala and may be named after Freyja. A goddess In Norse mythology associated with love, beauty, fertility, gold, war, death and seiðr (magic). She was also known by the name Valfreyja.