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The Flame Tribe (also referred to as the Fire Tribe) is a nation in Fire Emblem Fates.


The Flame Tribe is one of several element-worshiping tribes of the Nohr-Hoshido continent. While the Ice Tribe inhabits Nohrian territory and the Wind Tribe inhabits Hoshidan territory, the Flame Tribe dwells in neither kingdom, though it is relatively friendly with Hoshido. The people of the tribe worship the God of the Flame, and keep a sacred flame burning at all times to honor him. To protect the flame, the tribe enacted a strict policy of isolation. This may have contributed to their strong feelings of independence, as they are not officially allied with either nation or rely upon their support.

The location of the Flame Tribe's village is unknown, but according to Rinkah, daughter of the Flame Tribe's chieftain, it is near a volcano that her people regard as a holy mountain. She relates that when an enemy tribe invaded the village and extinguished the sacred flame, the holy mountain erupted and destroyed the enemy tribe, but also greatly harmed her people as well. Due to this, the Flame Tribe has a low tolerance of outsiders, and believes them to be harmful.

Though the Flame Tribe was neutral during the Nohr-Hoshido conflict, Rinkah was sent to fight alongside Hoshido.

Other than Rinkah, no other members of the Flame Tribe are ever shown.

Known people from the Flame Tribe[]

  • Rinkah - The daughter of the Flame Tribe chieftain whose aloof disposition belies the wildness in her heart.