Fleche is a character from Fire Emblem: Three Houses. She is Randolph's younger sister and the daughter of the previous Count Bergliez's second marriage, making her Caspar's aunt.


Early lifeEdit

Fleche was born between the previous Count Bergliez and his second wife. Though he preferred his second wife, his ailing health forced him to pass his title onto his eldest son, Caspar's father, rather than to Randolph. At some point in time, Fleche joined the Imperial Army to follow Randolph.

War phaseEdit

Crimson Flower (Edelgard)Edit

Azure Moon (Dimitri)Edit

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Fleche accompanies Randolph after he is assigned to keep an eye on Garreg Mach Monastery for any suspicious activity. Upon learning that the Knights of Seiros have returned and set up base, he assembles his troops to confront them. Although Fleche wished to accompany him, he refuses to let her head to the front lines out of account for her age and out of fear for the one-eyed man that has been brutally murdering Imperial troops.

After learning of Randolph's death, Fleche (as "Maiden") infiltrates the Kingdom army's ranks under the guise of an orphaned villager to avenge her brother. Upon seeing Dimitri, she immediately connects him with the rumored one-eyed man. She makes her move after the Battle at Gronder Field, attempting to assassinate Dimitri and managing to stab him once. Before she can fatally wound him, however, Rodrigue takes the blow and Byleth kills her. She begs her brother to help her before dying, never learning that she was mistaken on her target for revenge—Randolph was killed by Byleth, not Dimitri.

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Fleche is a French word meaning arrow.

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