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Fleche is a character from Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. She is Randolph's younger sister and a member of House Bergliez via the marriage of her mother and the previous Count Bergliez, making her Caspar's aunt. She is 14 years old at the start of the game.


Early Life[]

Fleche joined House Bergliez when her mother married the Count. Though he preferred his second wife, his ailing health forced him to pass his title onto his eldest son, Leopold, rather than to Randolph. At some point in time, Fleche joined the Imperial Army to follow her brother out of concern for Randolph's well being.

Three Houses[]

War Phase[]

Crimson Flower[]
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Fleche is first seen after the timeskip with her brother Randolph, who introduces her to Byleth. She tells them that she serves as an administrative worker, and although inexperienced, promises to do her best to help the war effort.

During the attack on Garreg Mach by the Church, Randolph heads out to confront the enemy and is fatally wounded in the ensuing battle, saddening Fleche. She does not attempt to get revenge on the Church, likely as a result of Randolph having died an honorable death in service to the Empire. However, she is somewhat irritated at the work he left behind for her, complaining that he had sorted out all of his personal matters but not his official duties. She decides to take a well-deserved break with her mother once the war is over.

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Azure Moon[]
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Fleche accompanies Randolph after he is assigned to keep an eye on Garreg Mach Monastery for any suspicious activity. Upon learning that the Knights of Seiros have returned and set up base, he assembles his troops to confront them. Although Fleche wished to accompany him, he refuses to let her head to the front lines out of account for her age and out of fear for the one-eyed man that has been brutally murdering Imperial troops.

After learning of Randolph's death, Fleche (as "Maiden"), appears at the Great Bridge of Myrddin where she tries to join the Kingdom's army, but is refused by one of the Kingdom generals and Rodrigue. However, Dimitri soon arrives and states that she is free to join if she wants to. Fleche is shocked by his appearance, but is able to deduce that he must be the one-eyed man that tortured Randolph to death.

Fleche makes her move after the battle at Gronder Field, attempting to assassinate Dimitri and managing to stab him once. Before she can fatally wound him, however, Rodrigue takes the blow and Byleth kills her. She begs for her brother to help her before dying, never learning the truth: she believed that Dimitri had tortured Randolph - he had intended to do so, but Byleth had killed Randolph to spare him from such a fate.

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Warriors: Three Hopes[]

Scarlet Blaze[]

Fleche first appears in the Adrestian Empire Army's camp outside the Great Bridge of Myrddin along with her older brother Randolph, organizing the army's supplies on his behalf. She is formally introduced to the army during the assault on Garreg Mach Monastery, but does not participate in the battle due to her lack of combat experience.

Fleche sees combat for the first time when she and Randolph take up the rearguard as the Imperial army advances on the Faerghus city of Arianrhod to rescue Count Rowe, Lonato, and Gwendal from Dimitri's army.

More than six months after the battle at Arianrhod, Fleche joins Randolph once again when Edelgard assigns them to defend the Imperial army while it attacks Rodrigue, the former Duke Fraldarius, in Baron Mateus' territory.

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The Imperial army learns that Rodrigue has hired Jeralt's Mercenaries to bolster their defenses, with Byleth as one of Rodrigue's guardians. If Shez confronts Byleth directly, they then fight Jeralt, who arrives late to the battle after dealing with Imperial troops elsewhere. Shez defeats and kills Jeralt in combat, and Byleth, enraged by their fathers death, allows Sothis to take over their body and kill Randolph while Fleche watches.

If Randolph survives the final battle against Jeralt's Mercenaries, he and Fleche accompany the Imperial army in combat for the last time when they join forces with the Leicester Alliance in Ailell against the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus and Church of Seiros coalition.

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Golden Wildfire[]

When Randolph's remains are returned to Fleche after his death at the hands of Catherine, a man (likely a Kingdom or Church spy or Myson) claiming to be an Imperial general describes how Claude set Randolph up to die, causing Fleche to swear revenge on Claude just as the "general" planned. To that purpose, Fleche hires several mercenaries to help her kill Claude, including Jeralt and Byleth.

As the Leicester Federation departs for Faerghus, they are attacked by Fleche, along with her mercenaries. She is killed in the ensuing battle, with Claude later realizing that she was not acting with Edelgard's approval.


Fleche is selfless, caring, and earnest and desires to support her brother in their duties in the Adrestian military. In Crimson Flower, when her brother falls in battle, she is understandably saddened, but resolute in continuing to uphold his legacy to the best of her abilities. In Azure Moon however, when her brother dies, she becomes deeply resentful towards Dimitri and manifests her care for her brother through a self-destructive obsession with killing Dimitri, similar to Dimitri's obsession with killing Edelgard. In Three Hopes, she is similarly led down a path of obsessive hatred towards Claude after Randolph's demise.


Fleche is a French word meaning arrow.


  • Fleche shares her voice actress Eden Riegel with Awakening's Sumia and Nah, Echoes' Genny, and Female Kana (from Fates) in Heroes.
  • Despite playing a comparable role to major war phase characters such as Randolph, Ladislava, Rodrigue, and Judith, Fleche is unique in not being eligible for the Heroes Choose Your Legends competition—presumably due to never having a battlefield presence in-game unlike the aforementioned four in Three Houses itself.
  • Fleche on Azure Moon and Golden Wildfire serves as a reflection of Three Houses' Dimitri. Both are good people who, after suffering a great loss (Lambert and others lost in the Tragedy of Duscur for Dimitri, Randolph for Fleche), are overtaken by their desire for revenge and go out of their way to get it on their presumed culprit (In Dimitri's case Edelgard, in Fleche's Dimitri for Azure Moon and Claude for Golden Wildfire). While Dimitri on Azure Moon was able to learn the truth, get over and abandon his desire for revenge, Fleche was unable to which led to her death in both routes.