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Flower of Ice is a song that plays in a video produced for Fire Emblem Heroes. The Japanese version is sung by Rie Takahashi, and the English version is sung by Cristina Vee Valenzuela.

The song is about Fjorm's resolve to fight her fate.

English Lyrics

My wounded heart, scorched by fate
The void it bore, reverberates
Echoing footsteps in the dark
Fear meant nothing to me
with my heart floating free
I slumbered...
I was so naïve and I never thought
I would meet someone like you
My eyes caressed by the light
I awake to a new life
Skies of clouded grey
Now a blue horizon
Courage floods into my heart
Gives me hope to carry on
I will show to you
a flower blooming
here in the snow
That flower will blossom!
Flourish! I promise!
Witness me and all my love
Together you and I
Can join the warmth of our hearts
and nurture this frozen world
Until the light fades out for me...
You will find me by your side.

Japanese Lyrics

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