“Upon liberating the peninsula's northern half, the liberation army stationed themselves at Mease Castle uncertain of their next course of action. Beyond Mease Castle and the towering mountain ranges lay Thracia, home of the Dragon Knights. Aligning with Emperor Arvis, King Travant governed this remote region representing the sole ally of the Grannvale Empire. King Travant stationed both his children, Prince Arion and Princess Altena, at the capital, while the distinguished General Hannibal, dubbed 'The Shield of Thracia', was posted at Kapathogia Castle. Occupying Luthecia Castle was the king's trusted confidant General Disler, and, dispatched from the empire, the Dark Bishop Judah held Grutia Castle. King Travant was prepared for a full-scale confrontation with the liberation army. Even the citizens of Thracia feared Seliph's army to be an invading force and began taking up arms. Is there any justice to be found in this battle? And for whom are we fighting for? These very issues now confronted Seliph and his liberation army for the first time.”
—Opening Narration

For Whose Sake is Chapter 9 of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War.


Initiator Receiver Receive Criteria
Febail/Asaello Patty/Daisy Luck+1 -
Leif Altena Altena leaves Finn was alive at the beginning of the chapter
Seliph Altena Recruit Altena Travant is dead
Coirpre/Charlot Hannibal Recruit Hannibal Coirpre/Charlot recruited
Charlot Hannibal Berserk (staff)|Berserk for Charlot Grutia seized, Charlot Waits next to Hannibal
Patty/Daisy Coirpre/Charlot HP+3 Coirpre/Charlot recruited
Seliph Hannibal - Hannibal recruited
Lene/Laylea Coirpre/Charlot Luck+1 Hannibal recruited
Julia Seliph Res+3 Grutia seized
Finn/Hannibal Altena Max HP+3 Grutia seized
Hawk - Mag+3, Res+3 Hawk enters Luthecia
Hermina/Jeanne - Def+3 Visit one of the northwest villages, where they will speak with a fake Shanan


For Whose Sake/Script

Strategy Edit

There are a couple things the player must know at turn one. If Finn is not alive at the start, Leif won't be able to talk to Altena and she won't be recruitable.

If Hermina is around, she should be sent to the village cluster and secure the +3 defense bonus immediately, then flee, as the mercenaries there are too strong for a pegasus knight.

The first attack will come from Altena's squadron of dragon knights. The squad is equipped with Javelins, so it'll be enogh to have Oifey or Ced/Hawk stand on the hills south of the home base to intercept them. However, Altena must be close enough so Leif can speak to her. She will fly back to the castle, whereupon Hannibal's squad will move towards the base and Travant's squad of dragon knights will appear and start flying towards said base simultaneously. Travant's squad must be interceped just as Altena's was (keep healers on hand), and either a Febail with Yewfelle or strong magic users will be good take out Travant. Once he dies, Altena will start flying back to the base, and when Seliph speaks to her she'll be recruited. Right after, she should be sent straight to the village cluster so she can annihilate the mercenaries/thief with the Gáe Bolg and get tons of gold.

At the same time, Hannibal must not be killed, as he is a great recruitable character AND Coirpre/Charlot won't join in if he kicks it. If most of his squad dies, he will attempt to retreat to his castle to create another one. The squad is not to be laughed at, so it's best use some strong characters with cutters to take them out. Once most of his squad is dead, the player shall move a paladin to his castle, kill the keeper, and stand in front of the entrance. This way Hannibal will simply stand next to the character, neither attacking nor being able to make it to the entrance. Seliph and a strong unit or two shall capture the next castle down the path, which should not be difficult. Capturing this castle will recruit Coirpre/Charlot, who can then recruit Hannibal. It takes some effort to do this, but is definitely worth a very strong general and a (potentially) quite good healer.

Once the player move some way past Luthecia, down the path, a squad of knights will arrive in the top left corner of the map led by Musar. It's time to use a unit or two and a hill defense bonus to take them out of they come. Musar drops a Tornado spell, and as such it is recommended to kill him with someone who can wield it. The two paladins are weaponless and will heal every turn, so the player can surround them and have their charas hit them without killing them to grind a bit of experience. They will heal every turn.

After this, the goal will be to take Grutia. Ares and Oifey shall go there to to charge in and take out the numerous ballistae... but not Altenna, since as a flying unit, she will easily die. The castle boss should die first, as his Fenrir poses far more of a threat to the paladins than the ballistae. Coirpre's and Lana's Physic staves will be good keep them alive if needed. Once Grutia is captured, the real challenge begins.

Upon Grutia's capture, Prince Arion will commit all his reserve forces for a last "three-headed dragon" attack, and FOUR squads of dragon knights will appear. One will fly towards the home base, another towards Hannibal's castle, a third one will fly towards Luthecia, and the last (headed by Arion himself) will remain to defend Thracia. Using Lana's Warp staff to send a unit or two to defend each castle is recommended. Each castle shall be guarded by someone equipped with a Javelin, as all the squads use javelins. The strong characters should have no problem fending off and eventually killing these three squads when in guard-mode. The warped units shall rush back to the main force and begin your final push to Thracia.

Caution shall be used when engaging Arion's squad, as the player definitely does not want any of their units getting hit by the Gungnir. A some strong ranged combatant can take out Arion. Also, it'll be good to lure the main force of dragon knights with a strong unit that can weaken/kill them. This squad is only equipped with Slim Lances.

After this, it's time to capture Thracia to claim victory.

Trivia Edit