Forge Points is a game mechanic found only in the Japanese version of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.

In the Japanese version, 50 Forge Points were needed to Forge a weapon. Forge points could be earned by selling weapons. The amount of points earned depended on the Weapon Rank of the weapon sold. Each Weapon Type had their own forge points, meaning for example, Swords could not be forged through selling Axes. The weapon's current Uses do not affect the number of forge points earned, so it is advisable to sell weapons that are nearly broken.

The number of forge points earned are as follows:

  • E rank: 1 point
  • D rank: 5 points
  • C rank: 10 points
  • B rank: 25 points
  • A rank: 50 points
  • S rank: 100 points
  • SS rank: 200 points
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