Forging Bonds (
Omoi o atsumete
) is a new periodic event in Fire Emblem Heroes.

The Events that are currently happening, are upcoming, or has already past are:

  • Defending Ylisse
  • Rejecting Destiny
  • High Tea Jinks
  • Dueling Desires
  • The Sworn Oath
  • Hearts as One
  • The Orb Case
  • Reason to Fight

Overview Edit

Rules Edit

In Forging Bonds, players will forge their bonds with the certain characters and grow that bond stronger. In order to increase the bonds, the players must battle the enemies and clear the maps. After defeating some enemies, they will sometimes drop a special chest that holds Friendship. Friendship is the main currency of this mode and it's used to unlock most of the events's rewards.

There are three difficulties of this mode: Beginner (Normal), Intermediate (Hard), and Advanced (Lunatic). Regardless of which difficulty the players will choose to fight, the enemies will scale to the team's level. Additionally, equipping Bonus Accessories on the team the players are using will boost Friendship by 25%. Unlike Bonus Allies in Tempest Trials or similar, these Bonus Accessories do stack, so the players can equip everyone on their team for the best results.

Rewards Edit

Players earn rewards once certain scores have been reached and are immediately rewarded after one character's Friendship bond increased. Rewards include Hero Feathers, Great Badges, Divine Dews, Orbs, Accessories, and the special conversations from each of the four certain characters.

The following is the current general rewards for Forging Bond scores.

Friendship Reward
10 C Conversation
25 50 Scarlet Badges
50 200 Hero Feathers
75 50 Azure Badges
100 Accessory
150 50 Verdant Badges
200 200 Hero Feathers
250 50 Transparent Badges
300 B Conversation
350 50 Scarlet Badges
400 200 Hero Feathers
450 50 Azure Badges
500 200 Hero Feathers
600 50 Verdant Badges
700 50 Transparent Badges
800 A Conversation
900 200 Hero Feathers
1,000 200 Hero Feathers
1,100 200 Hero Feathers
1,200 5 Divine Dews
1,300 200 Hero Feathers
1,400 200 Hero Feathers
1,500 S Conversation
1,700 300 Hero Feathers
1,900 300 Hero Feathers
2,100 300 Hero Feathers
2,300 300 Hero Feathers
2,500 Accessory EX
2,750 300 Hero Feathers
3,000 500 Hero Feathers
3,250 300 Hero Feathers
3,500 1 Orb

Forging Bonds Edit

Past Forging BondsEdit

See main article: Forging Bonds/Past Forging Bonds.

Current Forging BondEdit

A Trust Earned
Characters Accessories
Bonus Reward
  • Dark Finery EX
  • Kutolah Band EX
  • Mage Cap EX
  • Ilian Wing Hairpin EX
  • Symbol of Gallia
  • Kitty Ribbon
  • Beast Headband
  • Forest Friends
  • Symbol of Gallia
  • Kitty Ribbon
  • Beast Headband
  • Forest Friends
  • Symbol of Gallia EX
  • Kitty Ribbon EX
  • Beast Headband EX
  • Forest Friends EX
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