Fort in the TCG.

A Fort (砦) is a type of terrain that has appeared in nearly every game in the series. Forts will give a decent defensive and evasive bonus to non-flying units that are on one. This bonus can range from no defensive bonus to two extra points of Defense and 10% to 20% extra evasion. Another bonus of being on a fort is that you recover a certain amount of HP (usually 10% of your maximum HP) each turn. Of course, that is not to say it comes without its disadvantages. Only one person can be on a fort at a time, they impede ground unit movement (although it only costs an extra square more), enemy units can come out of it, and it can be a nuisance to knock an enemy unit off a fort if it has good stats to begin with. Nonetheless, one should take the time to observe forts, and possibly base strategy and tactics around them if reinforcements do appear or if you are severely injured and no healer is close by.

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