Fort Dragonfall (黒竜砦 Koku ryū toride, Black Dragon Fortress) is Chapter 20 of Fire Emblem Fates in the Birthright Version.


After being teleported back to Nohr by the spellbook that Leo gave the Avatar, they decide to quickly head towards the northeast as the Nohrians are most likely searching the other way. They later arrive at Fort Dragonfall, where it is named subtly for a person who decided to use the remains of the dragon to construct a fortress. Although abandoned, the Avatar tells the party to be wary as it is seemingly too quiet. Suddenly, the entrance collapses and Iago appears, telling them that his new magic powers from Garon have allowed him to pull this off. Stomach acid appears and Iago thinks that this is not enough to kill them - he decides to summon some Faceless to speed up the process instead.

The Avatar and their allies attempt to break free, but find that their weapons are unable to get through the strong walls, due to the dragon returning to life. Azura tells the Avatar that with her singing, she may be able to weaken the walls enough; the Avatar refuses, saying that she is risking her life if she does so, but reluctantly allows her to after some persuasion. Before she can start however, she asks them to clear the area of the Faceless, as their sounds would disrupt the singing.

After clearing out the leader, Azura begins singing. The walls begin to weaken, allowing the group to break free of the fortress. Later on, Azura collapses again, out of the view of the others except the Avatar. She later confesses to them that she draws the power from her amulet, and that if she does it too long, it will kill her. The Avatar thinks of another way to kill Garon, but Azura tells them not to worry as she won't be dying anytime soon.


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Upon start of this chapter, if you placed units in the front three tiles, they will be hurt by the stomach acid of the dragon. If your units are strong enough, you won't need to take every unit. The only enemies in this chapter are Faceless, so Blessed weaponry should help dispatch of them faster.

While traversing through the fortress, bring your royal units along and have them use the Dragon Vein. This removes the stomach acid permanently and prevents Faceless from spawning in them. Bring a unit with Lockpick also, so they can pilfer the three chests at the other side of the map.

The boss is relatively easy but is protected by the rubble so that it cannot be killed very quickly. The only threat with the boss is that he has five Weaponbreaker skills, so its accuracy can be rather high.


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