The front gate of Fort Kelves

Fort Kelves (also known as The Gate of Kelves or Kelbeth) is a location featured in Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. It is a border fortress of Munster, located on the border of Munster and Thracia, north of Ith. It is known as a place more frightening than hell, thanks to Raydrik's policy of having his men gather children from the surrounding villages and imprison them there because of the Child Hunts. In Chapter 3, Leif and his small band discover that it is being used to imprison innocents, so he decides to attack the fort. Raydrik, who also happened to be staying there, put the defenses in the hands of a subordinate, Lobos. Leif manages to defeat Lobos and rescues the children. However, after the battle, Raydrik uses Nanna as a hostage to force Leif to surrender, capturing him.

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