Ephraim begins his march south toward Grado from Castle Frelia. Upon conquering Renais, the Grado Empire has set its sights on Frelia. However, Innes and his troops meet the invaders at the waters’ edge. Against all odds, Innes halts the invasion, keeping Frelia's border intact. Ephraim coordinates Frelia's troops in an effort to advance the front lines. Unbeknownst to Ephraim, Grado forces are waiting for them at Fort Rigwald. They've fortified their positions and plan to wait out Frelia's siege. Undaunted, Ephraim remains determined to root out Grado.

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  • Restore (Far left chest, to the north)
  • 2500G (Middle chest, to the north)
  • Ocean Seal (Right chest, to the north)


  • Red Gem (Steal from archer northeast of main door).


  • Once you open the main door to the fortress, 2 Cavaliers from the north appear, one turn later (for two turns).
  • Once you pass the stairs north, where the cells are, 1 Cavalier from the north east and 3 Cavaliers from the south east appear, one turn later.


Secret Book (Artwork)
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NOTE: If your units are of a low level, the Tower of Valni has appeared. Use it for training.

The game starts with you on the entrance to the fort. Tana is locked in a room inside. You can move her around, but she will not be able to get out until you get to her. Watch for the mage near her, as the mage will constantly attack her until she dies, so move her around when needed.

Move your units toward the door. However, watch for the Priests who will attempt to use Sleep (which has a very long range) on your units. Kill a soldier to gain a door key to get inside. The fort is heavily guarded, but you will want to at least move Ephraim or Franz near the fort door. Try to recruit Amelia, but make sure you have a tank unit (meaning no retaliation at all) because she will attack when she is able to. If you recruit her, use Seth to carry her away from the archers behind the walls. Get your thief to loot the chests, as if you have made Ross a Pirate, the Ocean Seal inside will promote him into a Warrior or Berserker when he is ready to.

Get to Tana with a fast unit, and kill the mage that is been attempting to attack her for a long time. You can either open the door, or just destroy the broken wall in her room. Then, get your units ready and kill Gheb. Gheb has no bow, but he does have a Steel and Killer axe, which is quite deadly at the latter. When he is dead, you will get one of his axes (the one he is not using), and seize his throne to complete the mission.


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