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Fortuna Entertainment is an entertainment agency in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE. The company is headed by its founder Maiko Shimazaki. Like other talent agencies, it employs and represents singers, actors, and actresses that work in a variety of venues and productions.

Behind Fortuna Entertainment's public face, the company is also waging a secret battle against evil Mirages and investigating the Idolaspheres. Five years prior to the game's events, the company was founded by Maiko following the mysterious Mass Disappearance and her first meeting with Tiki. All of Maiko's recruits are people with strong levels of Performa that give them the potential to become Mirage Masters.

The Fortuna Office itself is a central location that the player visits frequently throughout the game. It houses the entrance to the Bloom Palace, Maiko's personal work space, Ayaha's secretary desk, shelves for magazines and CDs, a lounge area with a vending machine, and wall-mounted TVs. There is also a wall on which gameplay trophies earned by the player are set and can be examined, and a laptop the player can use to track progress of side stories.



Represented Talent


Fortuna is the name of the Roman goddess of luck and fortune, both good and bad.


  • The initials of the company Fortuna Entertainment, FE, are shared with Fire Emblem.