Foudroyant (雷迅 Raijin, lit. Thunderclap) is a Combat Art from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, where it is exclusive to Lightning Sword.

It returns in Fire Emblem: Three Houses under the localized name of Foudroyant Strike, where it is tied to anyone wielding Thunderbrand with a Crest of Charon.

It is a combat art granted by Thunderbrand; it increases damage, hit, and critical, and deals bonus damage to armored and dragon units.


Name Echoes Sword Skill icon
HP/Dur Mt Hit Avo Crt Rng
-8 +1 +30 +15 0 -1
Effects A powerful attack that hits a single adjacent enemy.
Notes Lightning Sword only

Name Icon Combat Art FE16 Sword
Foudroyant Strike
HP/Dur Mt Hit Avo Crt Rng
-3 +6 +30 - +30 1
Effects Thunderbrand only; effective against Armored and Dragon foes.
Notes Thunderbrand only

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