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The Four Fangs (四牙, Shiga) are a group of the Black Fang's most elite warriors: Lloyd, the White Wolf; Linus, the Mad Dog; Ursula, the Blue Crow; and Jaffar, the Angel of Death. Jerme, the Death Kite, was once part of the Four Fangs, but was replaced by Jaffar as the top assassin by Nergal. Pascal, the Crazed Beast, was also once a member of the Four Fangs, but was exiled and imprisoned by Brendan Reed due to his excessive cruelty. Although the Hurricane, Legault, was not a member of the Four Fangs, his strength was said to be equal to them.

Upon Nergal's request after he is wounded by Lord Elbert, Brendan Reed's new wife Sonia orders the Four Fangs to assassinate Lord Eliwood, framing him as a corrupt and abusive nobleman, and thus giving Lloyd and Linus an incentive to target him.

In Chapter 23 (Eliwood's story)/24(Hector's story) of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade, Lloyd or Linus (if the combined level of the Lords is 50 or higher, Linus will appear; otherwise, Lloyd will be faced) realizes that Sonia's claims are false after he confronts Eliwood; unfortunately, he is killed by Limstella for his quintessence before he can tell anyone what he's discovered. After Limstella leaves, the other Reed brother finds his brother's dead body and, assuming that Eliwood's party is responsible for the murder, swears revenge on Eliwood and his friends. The surviving brother will then become a boss of a later chapter.

They all share the battle theme "Softly with Grace."


The Four Fangs are the most elite warriors of the Black Fang. Lloyd and Linus Reed are Brendan Reed's sons and are the leaders of the Four Fangs, and they are some of the few members who are not directly involved with Nergal's plot. Lloyd is a Swordmaster and Linus is a Hero. Ursula is a Valkyrie; as a supporter of Sonia, she is indirectly a servant of Nergal. Jaffar is an Assassin who was orphaned as a child and found by Nergal; he is exceptionally skilled and is the most feared among the Black Fang.

Three out of the Four Fangs (and two former members) are fought and killed during the events of The Blazing Blade, but Jaffar can be recruited in Battle Before Dawn and playable in Night of Farewells .