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“On my honor as a soldier, I'll defend this fort to the end!”
—Fraus' battle quote

Fraus is a boss character encountered in Fire Emblem: Thracia 776.



Starting Class
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
-FE5 Fire Icon Fire - B
FE5 Thunder Icon Thunder - A
FE5 Wind Icon Wind - A
FE5 Staff Icon Staff - A


Secret Book (Artwork)
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Fraus is holed up in a well guarded corner of the map, protected by numerous long range weapons and armed with a Blizzard tome of his own. Mercifully, his Defense is extremely low for a boss, though the gate on which he stands kind of negates this. Fraus is typically dealt with in one of two ways.

If the player wishes to 'complete' the map, they may gradually drain the surrounding ballista of their ammo before heading onto Fraus. Players should take note that Blizzard puts its target to sleep in addition to doing damage in this game, so players should have a Restore staff in hand just in case he manages to hit with it. Up close, the player may either send a powerful unit to kill him or steal his Tornado tome.

Alternatively, the player may take a far more pragmatic approach to killing Fraus. This chapter contains no recruitable characters, so ranked runs will suffer no penalty for simply killing him on the first turn and ending the chapter before the first enemy phase even begins. The player will have to warp a unit into attacking range, then destroy Fraus in a single turn. If all else fails, a base level Xavier can achieve this with a Brave Bow. Once Fraus is dead, the player should warp Leif onto the Gate. If the player desires to promote Linoan, they should warp Linoan to the church and have her visit it. If the player is feeling lucky (or is willing to repeatedly retry the chapter), they can have Leif capture the nearby priest to steal his Sleep staff, then activate a movement star (5% chance) to move again and seize the gate. Whatever the case, once Leif is on the gate, he can seize it, instantly trumping the opponent's many long-range weapons and completing the chapter.


“Ugh… I regret… I… couldn't…”
—Fraus' death quote
“So I… made it out alive? But what am I going to do now…?”
—Fraus' release quote


Fraus was the Roman goddess of treachery and fraud.