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“This war has absolutely nothing to do with us ordinary citizens. Getting involved would only cause us trouble. And furthermore, if we allowed you into the city, we would have to fight for our self-defense.”
—The mayor of the city of Sene, in a conversation with Runan.

Freedom and Justice is Map 10 of TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga.


Plum's Kidnapping

If you bring Plum in this map and have her visit the house where Billford and Sharon came out, she will be kidnapped and won't be playable until she's recruited again in Map 14 with the Dance skill. Since Plum is the only character with the Dance skill, this is the only way to obtain a unit who is guaranteed to refresh other units.

Recruiting Mintz/Rennie

  • To recruit Mintz, let him enter the castle and seize it after turn 10. If this happens, Rennie won't be recruitable until later in Map 17.
  • To recruit Rennie, move any of your units in the castle defenders' attack range before turn 4, Rennie then can be recruitable but Mintz will leave and become unrecruitable.
  • To recruit both, move any of your units in the defenders' attack range on turn 9 (right after Mintz has entered the castle).

If your army does not approach the castle, but also prevents Mintz from entering it, Rennie will be killed on turn 10. It is unknown if Mintz is still recruitable after that.

Initial Enemies

Imperial Army

Total: 23

Sene Mercenaries

Total: 7

Enemy Reinforcements

  • Turn 10: Pavlov will show up from the castle.


  • Dragon Flute in exchange for 10,000G (the building where the Myrmidon stands)


  • Steel Blade (Pavlov)



Name Price
Steel Blade 2500G
Scimitar 660G
Hatchet 2560G
Iron Bow 1200G
Steel Bow 2000G
Fire 2400G
Wind 2640G
Heal 2200G


Name Price
Herb 1200G
Healing Fruit 2100G
Leather Shield 2000G
Iron Shield 4000G