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Friege Castle

Friege (フリージ, Furīji lit. Freege in the Japanese versions) is one of the six dukedoms of the Kingdom of Grannvale in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War and Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. It was founded by Thrud, the Mage Knight, and ruled by Reptor and Bloom (in the first and second generation respectively).

The Mjölnir spell is passed down the Friege family, and most of the mages found in Friege are proficient with Thunder magic. Their knights squadron is known as Gelben Ritter and serve as Princess Ishtar's personal guard.

During Thracia 776 and the second generation of Genealogy of the Holy War, most of the royal family is in the Munster District controlling the Grannvalean occupational forces situated there.

After the end of the second generation, Tailtiu's daughter, Tine, becomes ruler.

Family Tree

Notable citizens of Friege


  • Reptor - Duke of Friege in the first generation and Prime Minister of Grannvale.
  • Bloom - Duke of Friege in the second generation, Reptor's eldest son.
  • Tailtiu - A noblewoman and Reptor's oldest daughter who appears cheerful but is hiding her troubles.
  • Ethnia - Reptor's youngest daughter.
  • Ishtar - The daughter of Bloom and heir to Mjölnir, whose descent of her love into the darkness troubles her.
  • Ishtore - Prince of Friege, Bloom's son, brother of Ishtar.
  • Arthur - Tailtiu's son who was separated from her and his sister at a young age and harbors resentment toward House Friege.
  • Tine - Tailtiu's daughter, who joins the liberation army after reuniting with her older brother.
  • Amid - Ethnia's son.
  • Linda - Ethnia's daughter.


  • Reinhardt - The formidable and admired commander of the Gelben Ritter who is ever ready to lend an ear to his younger sister.
  • Olwen - A mage knight in Friege's army whose ideals sometimes puts her in opposition with her beloved brother.
  • Fred - Olwen's subordinate.
  • Kempf - An ambitious general of the 12th division of the Grannvale Empire's army and a member of Thrud nobility with a single-minded focus on his rival, Reinhardt.
  • Amalda - General of the Friege army.
  • Paulus
  • Rist
  • Largo - General of the Friege army.
  • Barat - General of the Friege army.
  • Oltof
  • Ilios - Mage Knight who wishes to become a noble.


Friege may be derived from Frigg, the wife of Odin.