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Frightful Dreamis a refreshing Assist skill introduced in Fire Emblem Heroes, where it functions as an evolved version of Dance exclusive to Triandra.


As a variation of Dance, Frightful Dream has the primary function of refreshing the allied unit. In addition, enemies within the four cardinal directions of Triandra are inflicted by -4 penalty to their four core stats and also receive a [Guard] penalty, slowing the charge of their Special skill.


Fire Emblem Heroes

Name Activation SP
FEH skill support.png Frightful Dream Target ally one space away 400
Effects Grants another action to target ally.
Inflicts Atk/Spd/Def/Res-3 and [Guard] on foes in cardinal directions of unit and target through heir next actions.
(Cannot target an ally with Sing or Dance.)
Users Triandra
Notes -