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“This was truly a journey beyond all imagination. Five thousand meters… No, perhaps even higher than that. The clouds already below them, they ascend the frozen mountain. Suffocation… Vertigo… They were already approaching the limits of their strengths.”
—Opening Narration, Shin Monsho no Nazo

Frozen Land is Chapter 13 of Book 2 of Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem and Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem. It takes place outside the Ice Dragon Temple.

Enemy Reinforcements 

Unit Composition

3 ice dragons, 2 wyverns

Triggers and Locations

Once you enter the centermost island and the range of the enemies positioned there, the ice dragons will spawn at each of the forts positioned around the center island (unless an ally is on the fort already) and the wyverns will spawn at the left and right top corners.

The reinforcements will only spawn for the first two turns after you set foot on the middle island.

Secret Shop

The Secret Shop is located at the non-snow tile at the southwest (original) or in between two rocks at the west (remake).