The Galdr of Release is a Galdr used in the Tellius Series. It is used to awaken the dark god imprisoned in Lehran's Medallion in contrast to it being awakened by the chaos energies of war across the continent. The Galdr of Release can only be sung by the descendants of Altina, the first Empress of Begnion and Lehran, the thousand-year old Heron. It is comprised of both the melody and lyrics, which are passed down through Lehran's bloodline.

Lillia also trusted the Galdr of Release to Elena while in her care before Elena and Gawain fled Daein and Ashnard, who wished to free the dark god and use it to take over the continent. Elena passed the Galdr on to Mist, who had the same balance of Order and Chaos in her heart as her mother. Later, Ashnard had the Black Knight kidnap the Heron princess Leanne during The Mad King's War and wanted her to free the dark god from the Medallion, but she was unable to.

During the events of Radiant Dawn, Sanaki tried to sing the Galdr, but couldn't due to her older sister, Micaiah, inheriting Lehran's bloodline. Micaiah then sang it in order to free Yune. The Galdr of Release was meant to free Yune and keep Ashera from petrifying the entire continent in case she was awakened before the Thousand Year Judgment was complete. This deal between the two was not kept, however.

Sung by Micaiah, Sanaki and MistEdit

Galdrar of release

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