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Galdrar.png Galdrar is a skill from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. This skill is also known as Canto in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, where its user is able to restore movement to ally units.

Before Galdrar is instituted as a skill in Radiant Dawn, it is a term in Path of Radiance used to describe arcane songs in the ancient language (also called "seid magic"), the effects of which differ with the melody and the lyrics. The Heron royals of Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn are known to sing the Galdr of Vigor, granting a selected ally unit the opportunity to act twice in a single turn, the Galdr of Rebirth, a hauntingly serene song that is known to restore the souls of both the living and the dead, the Galdr of Release and the Galdr of Slumber, a song that is able to appease the chaotic energies suppressed within Lehran's Medallion.

In Radiant Dawn, there are five types of galdrar that the three heron royals are able to learn at different levels:

  • Vigor (再動, lit. Move Again)
  • Bliss (喜樂, lit. Joy)
  • Sorrow (哀憐, lit. Pity)
  • Valor (勇武)
  • Recovery (快癒)



Name Level Attained Effect
Vigor Automatic Allows ally unit(s) to move again after ending their turn.
Bliss 15 Raises allies' Biorhythm to Best.
Sorrow 15 Reduces enemies' Biorhythm to Worst.
Valor 30 Raises Laguz allies' Transform gauge to its maximum.
Recovery 40 Fully recovers allies' HP and condition.


Name Effect
Rafiel Affects 4 adjacent allies.
Leanne Affects 2 adjacent allies.
Reyson Affects 1 (untransformed)/ 4 (transformed) adjacent ally/allies.


Galdr is an Old Norse word meaning "magic" or "spell." Galdr is the singular, galdrar is the plural.