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Galeforce (疾風迅雷, Shippūjinrai, lit. Lightning Speed in the Japanese version, Élan victorieux in the French version, Assalto impetuoso in the Italian version, Impacto final in the Spanish version) is a Skill in Fire Emblem Awakening and Fire Emblem Fates.


Galeforce is learned by Dark Fliers/Dark Falcons at level 15 (in Fates, this is level 35, but because DLC classes gain levels in a different way, a level 35 DLC unit is comparable to a standard level 15 promoted unit). In both games, it only activates once during each player's turn.

In Awakening, whenever the user defeats an enemy in battle during their own turn, they can take another action upon defeating the enemy. It does not matter if the user is alone or assisted by the Dual System. With two units having Galeforce in a Pair Up, they can take up to three actions in one turn. Galeforce is extremely useful for all purposes, whether be it to take out nearby hostiles quickly or to retreat after killing an enemy. While a female-exclusive skill, male children can also learn Galeforce, provided that it is their mother's last skill upon starting their Paralogues.

Galeforce is also present on three SpotPass Einherjars: Camus, Jamke and Jaffar, and one DLC Einherjar: Seliph.

In Fates, Galeforce functions differently. Due to the massive advantages the skill provides, Galeforce now activates only if the user defeats an enemy without any assistance (no Attack/Guard or Bold Stance). Also, should a unit with Galeforce use Replicate, both the original and the replica will be able to use Galeforce independently of each other.