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“That smell on the wind... It's iron. It is the smell of weapons. The smell of beorc. Heavily armored. Well armed.”

Gallia is Chapter 9 of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. In this level Lethe and Mordecai will act as Ally Units. After this chapter you will get 20,000 more gold.


Items in Houses

Dropped Items

Bonus Experience

  • Clear in 8 turns: 450 (easy), 300 (normal/hard), 150 (maniac)

Base Conversations

Name Value Requirement Obtain
Soren * Soren is alive -
Mist * - -
Oscar * Oscar is alive -
Mia * Mia recruited and is alive -
Mordecai * - -

Enemy Reinforcements

These reinforcements differ when playing hard mode

  • 2 pirates appear at the top at the end of turn 4.
  • 1 pirate appears at the top at the end of turn 5.
  • 2 myrmidons and 2 soldiers appear by the boss when you get near him.
  • 1 pirate appears at the top at the end of turn 6.


  • There are two basic paths of enemies in this chapter, one going along the beach, and the other going for the castle.  Send a variety of characters down each path, taking care of every enemy along the way.  On the beach path, send one character towards the houses on the left, since a pirate will try to destroy them beforehand.
  • Send your whole team towards the castle, mainly avoiding the beach area. When you reach the short trail connecting the beach to the main path, send your best defender along it to lure the enemies towards your main team. The downside to this plan is that the pirates will destroy the houses, and you won't get the items within them. However, this plan is a lot safer, and there is less possibility of a casualty.
  • Eventually, Nedata and another pirate will appear in the sea to the north of the center of the map. It is wise to send one of your stronger units down to the beach to secure the houses, as Nedata will try to ransack the houses, and he is quite strong.
  • Provided you spoke to Marcia in Chapter 3, you can talk to her again here with Ike to get her to join you as your first long awaited flier unit.