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“To exhaust one's life for the sake of those they love... is all a knight can ask for!!”
—Gant to Zeed before their final dual

Gant is one of the three main characters of the Fire Emblem: Hasha no Tsurugi manga. He is the son of Goldor and followed in his footsteps to become a stalwart Knight of the Lycian territory of Tania. He is the loyal friend and protector of its Princess, Tiena. He travels together with Al and Tiena to locate the Fire Emblem and ultimately put an end to the war with Bern. The weapon Gant's Lance from Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade is a reference to him.


Hasha no Tsurugi

Prior to the events of the manga, when they were both children, Gant and Tiena made a vow to protect one another, though Gant did not take the vow seriously. Gant and Tiena would later stow away in a carriage being used by Gant's father Goldor as he and a few of Tania's other knights were hunting for Bandits. Tiena, noticing a trap set by the bandits attempts to warn Goldor of the danger, but the trap is sprung in an attempt to kill the both of them, at the last moment, Goldor sacrifices his life in order to save Tiena's. Unable to handle the loss of his father, Gant blames Tiena for his death, even going so far as to hit her. Having no family in Tania left, he comes to the decision to set out on his own but is nearly killed when a group of bandits attack him. Tiena manages to save his life using a heal spell, but being her first time casting is successfully she passes out from a fever. Gant, realizing she saved him in keeping with her vow to him, unsures that he will do the same an protect her.

Volume 1: Brave Youth

Eight years later, Gant and Tiena make an attempt to flee Tania Castle as it is had fallen might of the nation neighboring Lycia, Bern. This attempt fails leading to Tiena's capture and Gant allying himself with the corrupt noble, Lord Richten in order to ensure her safety. He encounters a young boy named Al in the Town of Alta and on Richten's orders he apprehends him after the boy saves a child who Richten had attempted to kill for crossing his path. While inspecting Al's sword, Gant gives the hungry boy his food, leading Al to question his motives for siding with Richten, which Gant refuses to answer as he leaves. Gant then confronts Richten after overhearing him talk about having lied about freeing Tiena, upon which Richten affirming this to be the case and also informs him of the location of the princess, upon hearing this Gant flies into a rage.

Richten commands one of his men to attack Gant, this man then turns into dragon, which Gant is easily bested by. Nearly crushed to death by the dragon's foot, Gant is only saved thanks to the help of Al who upon regaining his sword from Gant, is able to severely wound the dragon. Flailing about as it dies, the dragon crushes Richten, giving Gant and Al time to flee from Alta, also evading the knights persuing them thanks to the aid of an old woman Al met in the town. On the outskirts of Alta, Gant informs Al of the origins of his sword, and it's ties to the Legendary Hero Hartmut, as well as the mystery of the missing Fire Emblem. Al then decides that he will set out in search of it.

Gant and Al later wander through a forest when they are captured by a group of bandits, who in reality are knights of Tania in disguise, here Gant reunites with his old friend and knight captain, Warren. The group celebrate their reunion with a party, the mood is soured however as when Gant reveals the location of Tiena, Warren and his knights are reluctant to go. Gant claims that Warren's heart had sunken to that of a bandit in his time pretending to be one, which leads Warren to attack him with his prized sword given to him by Tiena, but the sword is knocked from his hands and sent off a cliff and into the waters below. Al jumps in to retrieve the sword, and while Gant and Warren believe he would be unable to find it, Al eventually returns with it in hand. The two then make their way to Graizel Prison where the princess is being held alone, and while they are able to make it inside, they are vastly outnumbered. They are saved however by Warren and his men who arrive just in time, and together they take the prison and save Tiena.

Al asks Tiena if she has any knowledge of the Fire Emblem, which she denies, instead believing that her uncle, the Marquess of Worde, would know something about it. Choosing the stay behind, Warren parts ways with the group as Gant, Al and Tiena all make their way to Worde in order to see it's lord, Ranward.

The group soon encounter the thief, Chad, who attempts to make off with Al's sword, though this fails. While having his wounds tended to, Chad explains that his reason for stealing the sword was to use it against Bern, which Tiena believes to be a foolish idea. That night, Chad again steals Al's sword and attempts to attack a Bern camp, but is apprehended only to then be saved by Al, Gant and Tiena. The leader of the camp then captures Chad and Tiena, and attempts to flee in a wagon, which Al is able to stop but not before it gets some ways away, Gant gives chase but only arrives after the battle had ended. The three then depart, Chad deciding to find strong allies of his own to help him oppose Bern.

Having finally made it to Worde Castle, the three are met with the aftermath of a battle, with only one survivor, that being one of the castle's knights, Danan. Danan reveals the truth of Minister Youzen's betrayal and informs them of his current location in Olst Castle. He also offers up the plan to enter the castle disguised, but this is revealed to be a trap, as upon arrival, Danan reveals himself to have been working with Youzen, looking for any survivors at Worde Castle. The three are captured and Gant is made to fight in the castle's arena with Tiena and Lord Ranward forced to watch. Eventually he must fight Al and while he provokes Gant into stabbing him, this is in order to trick Youzen so that when he gets close, Tiena heals Al allowing him to cut Youzen down.

Volume 2: World's Finest Knight

Gant, Al, Tiena and Ranward flee the castle, with Danan, now regretful of his betrayal, joining them. Ranward is however struck by a magic attack cast by a mage that was waiting for them, though this mage is quickly slain by Al and Gant. It is however too late as Ranward is fatally wounded, and with his last moments he informs the group of Bern's resurrection of the dragons, and asks that they find the Fire Emblem. They bury Ranward, and Danan decides to return to Worde and rebuild, Gant then gives Danan his lance as a representation that their wills will be with him. The three then press onward, continuing their search for the Fire Emblem.

Whilst traveling, the group are caught up in a battle between the forces of Bern and Ragna. Gant saves Ragna's princess, Celdia and the group are later invited to meet Ragna's Marquess, Dovanan. After receiving the assurance of Dovanan's aid, Al and Tiena take their leave, but Gant is asked to remain so that Dovanan can offer him a position as commander of Ragna's army, Gant however refuses. Gant then leaves the castle, believing that he was told to do so by Tiena, this is however a trick by Celdia who wished to go on a picnic with Gant, he refuses gain, and though this upsets Celdia, they are soon attacked by Bern's archers who were lying in wait. Gant is heavily injured protecting Celdia, but manages to carry her back to the castle where his wounds are treated. Upon learning that Tiena had been captured, he reveals his past with her and decides with Al that they will face her captor, the Wyvern Rider Zeed.

Gant and Al are able to locate Zeed with the help of Celdia, and upon confronting him, Gant challenges him to a one on one duel. Gant, still heavily injured, is unable to defeat Zeed on his own, but thanks to Al's help, the two are able to drive Zeed off. The group then depart Ragna making their way to Ostia.

Upon arrival in the outskirts of Ostia, the group are attacked by bandits, but are saved by a cavalier named Lance. Lance takes them back to Ostia Castle where they meet Marquess Pharae, Eliwood. Eliwood informs them of reformation of the Lycian League as well as the rebellion going on being led by the Mercenary Kruzard. The castle is then attacked by Bandits, though Al, Gant and Lance are able to drive them off, but it is here where Gant first come face to face with Kruzard. Back at Ostia Castle, Lance informs the group of his friendship with Kruzard, which leads Al to ask him if he is fine with fighting a friend, which Lance affirms.

Volume 3: For Lycia!

The next day, Gant and Lance take part in the final battle between Ostia's forces and the Rebellion, with Gant wondering where Al was. Al arrives on the battlefield and reveals Kruzard's plan to use the rebellion to expose all of the corruption in Lycia and die with it. Kruzard attempts to stop him from talking any further, but Al pushes Kruzard and himself into a ditch and pretends to kill him. Their leader believed to be dead, the Rebellion surrenders, but it is soon revealed that Marquess Zem had betrayed the league and taken Eliwood and Tiena hostage. Gant remains behind while Al and Lance head back to the castle where they are able to save Eliwood and Tiena while Marquess Zem is slain by Kruzard. After the battle, Kruzard is told by Eliwood that he would need to leave Lycia in secret, though Al assures Lance they will meet again.

Volume 4: Cross the Sea

In the days to follow, Lance returns to Roy, Eliwood's son and leader of the Lycian League Army, in the Western Isles. The Mage General of Etruria, Cecilia eventually arrives in Lycia to inform the League that Roy is being attacked by Etrurian nobility and requests aid. Al volunteers to go, with Tiena and Cecilia agreeing, Gant, Al and Tiena then set off to the Western Isles to investigate. Their ship is however attacked by knights of Etruria, with Al falling overboard during the attack, Tiena and Gant however are aided by Echidna and Barnz of the Western Isles Resistance. They are then taken to the Resistance's hideout where they are informed on the current state of the isles with Echidna agreeing to offer them aid in uncovering the truth of the isles.

Gant, Tiena and Echidna soon head out to confront the noble governing the isles, Arcard, but are stopped by bandits working for him. Surrounded, they are saved by Roy and the Lycian League Army, from there they join forces and make their way to the Arcard's office in Juteaux.

Volume 5: Dominion

There they wage a fierce battle to break through the gates of the castle, but are halted by magic attacks from one of Bern's mages' Jemmie. Gant, remembering Al, grabs hold of a burning log left over from a destroyed battering ram and breaks open the gate but is caught off guard by Jemmie, who prepares a powerful Elfire spell. Al arrives just in time to cut the attack in half, forcing Jemmie to flee deeper into the castle, Gant, Al and Tiena celebrate their reunion, but this is short-lived as Jemmie returns with the dragon Ain, who transforms and attacks the army. The battle is not an easy one, but eventually, thanks to the combined strength of Roy, Al and Al's new ally Kilmar, they are able to slay Ain, though Jemmie is able to flee thanks to the help of her brother Zeed.

Unable to celebrate their victory for long, they are soon informed that Cecilia and Princess Guinivere, Princess of Bern and bearer of the Fire Emblem are under attack at an old castle in Missur. Al, fearing that it will be too late if they travel by ship, opts to fly ahead on one of Bern's Wyvern while Gant, Tiena, Kilmar Roy and his forces all proceed by boat.

Volume 6: Fire Emblem

Unfortunately, by the time the army catches up with Al in Missur, Zephiel, the king of Bern, had already left having defeated Cecilia and Al and captured Guinivere and with her, the Fire Emblem. They find Al, unconscious and dying after his battle with King Zephiel but they are informed by a Shaman named Sophia that he can still be saved if he is taken to the hidden village of Arcadia in the Nabata Desert.

Volume 7: Resurrection

Tiena decides to fly to Arcadia with the Pegasus Knights Shanna and Thea, and although they encounter some trouble, they manage to make it to Arcadia and save Al. From there on the army makes its way to Etruria, to retake the capital of Aquleia, and along the way they encounter the Knight General Perceval who joins their them. The night after a war meeting, Gant and Al are training but accidentally eavesdrop on Perceval and Cecilia, which Gant mistakes as the two confessing their love, in reality Perceval is renewing his pledge to Elffin, the armies tactician and Bard who in truth is Prince Mildain of Etruria.

Volume 8: Deathmatch in the Sky, Agony on the Ground

There they learn that the prince's father King Mordred is being held hostage by Bern and with that the Great General Douglas is being forced to ally himself with Bern. Recognizing that fighting Bern means that both his father and Douglas will die, Elffin affirms he is ready to make that sacrifice when questioned by Al.

The day of the battle, the army splits it's forces, with Gant and other members of the army heading to the Southern Gate of the Royal Palace. They easily make it through but are caught in a trap set by Narcian, one of Bern's three Wyvern Generals. Using fountains expelling oil, the Lycian League army are trapped in a sea of flames that kills even some of Etruria's forces. Despite Narcian's plans, the League managed to win the day, with Al defeating Narcian personally and saving King Mordred. For their efforts, the members of the army are all promoted, with Gant being promoted to a General. The following day, Al, troubled by a dream, decides he must return home in order to confirm something. While Al travels back home with Shanna, Gant, Tiena and the remainder of the army make their way to Bern to finally end the war.

Volume 9: Eternal Siblings

On the day of the final battle with Bern, both armies fight furiously, with the Lycian League seemingly pushing back Bern until their momentum is halted thanks to a combination of Bern's dragons and Zeed leading a suicide squad to stop the armies advance. The might of Bern's forces bares down on the Lycian League until reinforcements from Lycia and Etruria including Warren, Kruzard, Celdia and Danan arrive. The tides further shift in the favor of the Lycian League when Princess Tiena uses the power of the Aureola Tome given to her by Roy to annihilate Bern's dragons. Zeed, realizing she was the one who cast the spell, attempts to kill her, but Gant arrives in time to dive in front of her and take Zeed's attack. Believing Gant to be dead, Zeed tells Tiena that the Lycian League killed his sister, and that he was a fool for trusting her, Gant gets back up and challenges Zeed to a duel.

Zeed agrees, and though Gant gains the upper hand, Zeed's Wyvern saves him from Gant's finishing blow, which allows Zeed to slash Gant's arm nearly severing it. Tiena tries to heal Gant's arm, but hetells her not to get involved. Just as Zeed lunges to deliver his own finishing blow, Gant uses all his power to move his arm and lands a devastating strike on Zeed with his poleaxe, ending the fight. Zeed attempts to stand back up, but his body gives out and as he dies, he sees visions of his sister assuring him that as long as they are together they no longer need to fight. Following a battle between Murdock, leader of Bern's Wyvern Generals, and Roy, Al arrives on the battlefield, and the army marches for Bern Castle.

Volume 10: Dragon's Roar

As the army storms the castle, Gant remains with the rest of the army on the lower levels as Roy and Al make their way to the throne room to confront King Zephiel. In the midst of the battle, Gant, Kilmar and Tiena find a spot without any enemy soldiers and Gant asks the princess to rest, though she refuses at first. It is only after Kilmar addresses the fatigue she is feeling from using Aureola does she agree to rest. Gant and Kilmar leave her to go continue fighting. Roy and Al are eventually able to overcome Zephiel, putting an end to the war with Bern once and for all.

In spite of their victory, Al, Gant and Kilmar come to learn that Tiena was kidnapped, and deciding not to inform Roy, head off to save her themselves.

Volume 11: Separate Ways

Using a magic circle left by Tiena's captors, the group are teleported to a cave where they confront the leader of the Black Bone Clan, Audamorze. Al, determined to save Tiena, does battle with Audamorze's henchman "One Horned" while Gant and Kilmar fight a number of masked clones. Eventually it is revealed that "One Horned" is actually Al's father, Magough which leaves Al unable to respond, and open to attack. Gant jumps in with his shield, but it is easily shattered by the power of Magough who is wielding the Blazing Blade, Durandal. Gant is stabbed repeatedly by Magough but is saved just before the killing blow by Al who stabs Magough with his sword. Devastated by his actions, Al is overcome with despair and transforms into a dragon, but quickly has his dragon powers stolen by Audamorze using the legendary weapons.

Al is at first unable to defeat Audamorze in his dragon form, but finds his resolve and unleashes an immense blast of energy from his sword, which annihilates Audamorze completely, but Al is sucked into the light generated by the blast.

Unable to find Al, the group eventually went there separate ways, with Gant and Tiena returning to Tania and Gant doing his part in Tania's reconstruction. Two years pass, with Al having been presumed dead, but he eventually does return as if no time passed at all and marries Tiena. On the day of their wedding in a now rebuilt Tania castle, Al is nowhere to be seen, causing an uproar in the castle. Gant assures everyone that everything is fine, and that this is something that Al simply does, Warren elects to go and retrieve him. Gant would also come to be a significant figure in the unification of Lycia having depend his bond with Roy, who went on to become the Marquess Pharae after his father. He would later come to marry Celdia and have eight children.

The Binding Blade

Although Gant does not make a physical appearance in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade, the lance that he would come to give to Danan does appear in chapter Ch. 5 of the game. By visiting the village at the very top of the map, you can talk to a villager who will give you his lance, stating that it belonged to a knight named Gant and that he bested many foes with it.


Even as a child, Gant was dedicated to becoming a knight like his father, though he lacked the conviction to serve Tiena that he would come to have, as upon his fathers death, he chose to leave Tania. Being so young he was also immature, easily getting flustered when the other knights teased him for being given a shell by Tiena during their vow to one another and in general not taking the ceremony seriously despite Tiena doing so. He also lacked the maturity to understand the gravity of what it meant to be a knight, such as when he blamed Tiena for his fathers death despite it being the duty of a knights to protect their liege. It was not until Tiena saved his life did he come to mature into the role of a knight, finally realizing how significant his vow to her was and dedicating his life to protecting her.

As a grown man, he fully embraces his role as a knight of Tania and Tiena's protector, valuing her life over all else. While admirable, this is also means that he will do what he deems necessary to ensure her safety, even if that means aiding corrupt individuals like Richten in subjugating the town of Alta. It goes without saying then that he will not hesitate to risk his own life for her sake, even if he is badly injured, he will rush to her side and fight in her name. Even more than just his duty, he considers it his pride to give his life for those he loves. This is not to say this his kindness stops at Tiena. He will help those he sees are in need whenever he can, such as when he let the child Richten was ready to kill go or when he gave Al his own food after realizing he was hungry and in spite of him being a prisoner. He cares deeply for his allies, and will often worry about their safety such is the case when he Al fell overboard on their way to the Western Isles. Gant showed noticeable concern for Al's well being despite assuring Tiena that he believed Al to be alive.

Gant is an exemplary combatant in his own right, with his strength and constitution being his defining traits, so much so that amazing both his allies and enemies. Even so he is always seeking to improve himself, as he can be seen training with Al on multiple occasion and even sought out numerous strong members of the army to train with. Despite his growth, Gant has been shown to still be fairly immature, getting easily flustered, particularly when it comes to romance. This can be seen when mistakes Perceval and Cecilia talking together at night as the two of them professing their love for one another and becomes embarrassed or after the battle outside Bern castle when Celdia clings to his arm.

Base Stats

Starting ClassAffinity
KnightGBAFire.gif Fire
WeaponStarting Items
Lance.gif LanceGant's Lance.gifGant's Lance


Gant - Shell Defender

  • Gant returned home with Tiena and performed a distinguished service in Tania's reconstruction he deepened the bond with Roy, who had returned to Pherae and became one of key names of Lycia's unification. Afterwards he wed Celdia of Ragna and had eight children with her.

Other Appearances

Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher)

Gant is illustrated in the trading card game Fire Emblem Cipher with the following cards: