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Garreg Mach Monastery

Garreg Mach Monastery (ガルグ=マク大修導院 Garugu Maku-daishūdōin) is a location that appears in the Fódlan series of games.


Located in central Fódlan amidst the mountains, Garreg Mach Monastery is the headquarters of two separate entities: the Church of Seiros and the Officers Academy. It is a neutral territory, not governed by any of the three nations of Fódlan. In addition to being a religious site, the monastery is home to an elite order of knights.

Garreg Mach Monastery can be freely roamed and explored, and once Byleth has visited a part of the monastery, the player can use fast-travel to transition to that location instantly. While roaming the monastery, Byleth can take part in numerous activities to affect their training as well as the training of the students under their tutelage.

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Underneath Garreg Mach is a massive underground complex known as Abyss, which can be accessed through the monastery's secret tunnels. However, it has been more of a rumor than truth, though this is due to the fact that anyone coming to the Abyss is locked up and the Abyssians who live inside seal off all entrances. The Abyssians are people who have been wronged in life or wish to get away from it all, and only a few select members of the Church are privy to their existence.

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Academy Phase[]

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With the sudden rebellion instigated by the Adrestian Empire, Garreg Mach Monastery is besieged by the Imperial army, leading to a fight between the Empire and the Knights of Seiros along with representatives of the Leicester Alliance and Holy Kingdom of Faerghus there to help ward them off. Depending on which house Byleth leads, they find themselves on different sides.

Azure Moon, Verdant Wind, and Silver Snow[]

While Byleth and the students are able to halt much of the initial wave lead by new Emperor Edelgard, the next wave proves to be too great for the forces currently in the monastery. Left with no other options, Rhea transforms into a dragon in order to fend of as much of the forces as she can. Seeing her piled on by demonic beasts, Byleth steps into the fray to help, but Thales appears and hits them with a spell, causing them to careen into the valley below. Rhea, weakened, disappeared in the ensuing chaos, leading to the Adrestian Empire overtaking the Monastery and seizing it. For five years, neither Byleth nor Rhea could be found.

Crimson Flower[]

Byleth and the Black Eagle students join Edelgard in their attack on the monastery. After defeating Rhea, she transforms into a dragon and destroys a building to send rubble down to trap Byleth. Despite this, the Adrestian Empire annexes the monastery and forces Rhea and the church forces to flee to the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus.

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War Phase[]

Azure Moon/Verdant Wind/Silver Snow[]

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Over the course of five years, the monastery falls into disrepair, becoming a haven for thieves who pillage the nearby towns relentlessly. Eventually, the thieves were taken out by the combined efforts of Byleth, the House leaders, and all of their former students.

In all routes, the Empire continued to keep a watchful eye on the monastery in the event that the Church would try to use it as a base. Randolph was tasked with this duty, and when he learned that the monastery had been reoccupied, he led an army of Imperial soldiers to drive them off. This was a disaster for the Empire, and Randolph was killed in the ensuing battle. The monastery would then be used as a base of operations for Byleth and their associates.

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Crimson Flower[]

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Now used by the Empire as a staging ground in their attempt to unite Fódlan, Byleth returns to the monastery after their five-year coma. Edelgard and the others have formed the Black Eagle Strike Force in their stead, and reoccupied the monastery, restoring it as best as they could.

With Byleth's aid, the Empire is able to annex the Alliance into their territory, allowing them to focus on the Kingdom and the Church. Being the original owners of the monastery, Rhea leads the Knights of Seiros into battle, attacking with two forces; a main force to distract the bulk of the Imperial army, while an expedition force would sneak around to the side, led by Seteth. The Black Eagle Strike Force intercepts the expeditionary unit and routs them, forcing Rhea to abandon the fight and order a full retreat.

Following the end of the war, the Empire reforms the Church and reinstates Garreg Mach as a learning institution.

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Warriors: Three Hopes[]

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During Shez's time at the Officers Academy, various events involving the three main territories of Fódlan result in the closure of the Officers Academy. Two years afterwards, Edelgard and the Adrestian Empire declare war on the Church of Seiros, and invade Garreg Mach Monastery. The Empire successfully captures the monastery, forcing Rhea and other prominent members of the church to flee northward towards Camulus, a region of Faerghus. They then install Count Varley, bishop of the Southern Church, at the monastery.

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Scarlet Blaze[]

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Garreg Mach remains under Imperial control for most of the route, but during the final chapter, the monastery comes under attack by both Church of Seiros forces and those who slither in the dark, which forces the Imperial army to defend it. They are successful, with both Rhea and Thales, leaders of the opposing factions, vanishing after the battle, resulting in the downfall of both the Church of Seiros and those who slither of the dark.

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Azure Gleam[]

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After the battle at Arianrhod, Edelgard is incapacitated and the Empire is taken over from within by those who slither in the dark, resulting in true control of Garreg Mach falling in their hands.

The Kingdom army works together with the Leicester Alliance and Church of Seiros to attack Garreg Mach and liberate it from the Empire. Rhea and some Church forces advance first via secret passageways, and are reinforced by the Kingdom and Alliance upon encountering resistance. Despite the Agarthans installing several Viskam around the monastery outskirts, the combined army defeats the Imperial army and those who slither in the dark, with Dimitri personally killing Thales.

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Golden Wildfire[]

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Garreg Mach remains under Imperial control for most of the route, but late in the route, the monastery comes under attack by both Church of Seiros forces and the Kingdom army, which forces Edelgard and the Imperial army to defend it. Due to this jeopardy, the allied Federation army assists the Empire in the defense of Garreg Mach, and manage to drive off the attackers, forcing them to retreat.

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There are numerous locations within the monastery, which can be fast-traveled to during exploration via the monastery's map.

First Floor[]

  • Marketplace - A market in front of the monastery, through which merchants come to exchange goods.
  • Entrance Hall - The entrance of the monastery, which connects to the dining hall and other notable locations in Garreg Mach.
  • Dining Hall - The dining hall is directly adjacent to the entrance hall, through which residents of the monastery regularly eat meals at any time.
  • Greenhouse - A greenhouse through which plants for cooking and gifts are raised.
  • Fishing Pond - A pond through which residents can fish utilizing bait. Fish from many locations in Fódlan are gathered here: sometimes, extremely rare fish can be caught, or at times large amounts of fish can be caught at once.
  • Dormitory - A two-floor facility that functions as a residence for students of the Officers Academy. While the staff of the academy tries to reduce discrimination between nobles and commoners, such prejudice still exists, and as such, the nobles almost always take up the second floor while commoners are relegated to the first floor rooms. Byleth's personal quarters are located amongst the first floor rooms.
  • Sauna - A building located between the dormitory and the training ground that functions as a relaxation facility, where residents can refresh in a steam room. Can only be accessed via DLC.
  • Training Grounds - A place where knights and students alike come to hone their combat skills. Every month, a tournament is held where the winners can achieve both money and a prize as a result.
  • Stables - Horses are raised here. Sometimes, students of the Officers Academy are assigned to group tasks involving taking care of the horses and pegasi here.
  • Knights Hall - The Knights of Seiros gather and socialize in this hall. There are targets for practice as well as books and a lounge here.
  • Graveyard - Behind the Knights' Hall is a graveyard where notable people who are now deceased are laid to rest.
  • Cathedral - At the most rear point of the monastery, connected to the remainder of Garreg Mach via a bridge, is a cathedral where devout believers worship the goddess Sothis and the saints. Statues of the Four Saints are located here. Choir practice is held here. An advice box is also located here where students can ask for advice.
  • Central Building - A three-story facility in the central part of Garreg Mach housing the offices of Church administrative staff and other facilities listed below:
  • Reception Hall - On the first floor of the main building is the reception hall, where social events such as the annual Ball during the Ethereal Moon are held.

Second Floor[]

The second floor is home to several different facilities:

  • Audience Chamber - This is where the archbishop Rhea often stands during her work. The professors of Garreg Mach regularly report here at the start of each month to obtain their missions.
  • Advisory Room - The archbishop's advisor, Seteth, works here to speak with Rhea.
  • Seteth's Office - This room is Seteth's personal work space, where he can often be found while exploring the monastery.
  • Captain's Quarters - A room where the captain of the Knights of Seiros resides. Jeralt once took residence here when he was with the Knights, and retakes the room after returning. Later on, Alois takes on this room.
  • Crest Scholar's Office - An office where Professor Hanneman conducts his research on Crests.
  • Infirmary - A facility run by Professor Manuela where the injured and the sick are taken care of.
  • Library - Numerous books and historical texts are here for reading. It is also used as a study space for members of the Officers Academy. It is run by a librarian named Tomas.
  • Cardinal's Room - The main room for the cardinals of the Church of Seiros. It is only accessible during the War Phase, where it functions as a war council room.

Third Floor[]

The third floor is only accessible during the War Phase:

  • Archbishop's Room - The archbishop takes residence in this room. During the War Phase, Cyril can often be seen here trying to keep the room organized.
  • Star Terrace - A high balcony offering a view of the monastery.


Church of Seiros[]

  • Rhea - The incumbent Archbishop of the Church of Seiros, who exhibits a calm and kind demeanor, but fiercely opposes dissent from the church's teachings.
  • Seteth - The Archbishop's right hand who is serious and stubborn with most, but dotes on his younger sister.
  • Flayn - Younger sister of Seteth who, having lived a sheltered life, sometimes appears to lack common sense.
  • Cyril - Orphaned boy from Almyra taken in by Rhea, who works as a cleaner at the monastery.
  • Tomas - Librarian of Garreg Mach who has had a lengthy tenure at the monastery.
  • Aelfric Dahlman (Formerly) - A Cardinal of Garreg Mach Monastery who oversees Abyss and formed the Ashen Wolf House.

Knights of Seiros[]

  • Jeralt Eisner (Formerly) - A renowned mercenary who was formerly a captain of the Knights of Seiros, and is the father of Byleth.
  • Gilbert Pronislav - A former Kingdom knight who abandoned his service of the Kingdom due to his feeling of guilt over past events.
  • Alois Rangeld - A Knight of Seiros who was well-acquainted with Jeralt in the past, who is friendly, trusting and upbeat.
  • Catherine - Wielder of the Hero's Relic Thunderbrand who deeply reveres the Archbishop.
  • Shamir Nevrand - A member of the Knights of Seiros and a sniper native of Dagda who's unusual among her peers in that she does not believe in the Church of Seiros's teachings.

Officers Academy[]

  • Byleth Eisner - A stoic, capable professor and child of the former captain of the Knights of Seiros, Jeralt.
  • Hanneman von Essar - A crest scholar and professor at the Officers Academy, who exhibits an enthusiatic passion for Crest research.
  • Manuela Casagranda - A professor at the Officers Academy, who was formerly a songstress at the Mittelfrank Opera Company. Has a penchant for drinking and seeking romance.
  • Jeritza von Hrym - An instructor at the Officers Academy, who specializes in weapons training.

Black Eagles[]

  • Edelgard von Hresvelg - Princess and heir apparent of the Adrestian Empire whose steadfast ambition is veiled by her elegant, self-confident demeanor. House leader of the Black Eagles.
  • Hubert von Vestra - The son and heir of the current Marquis Vestra who has sworn complete fealty to Edelgard.
  • Ferdinand von Aegir - The accomplished son and heir of the current Duke Aegir who works hard to live nobly.
  • Linhardt von Hevring - The heir to House Hevring who has a hypersomniac tendency and prefers studying only his interests.
  • Caspar von Bergliez - The second son of House Bergliez whose lack of inheritance motivates him to be an accomplished fighter.
  • Bernadetta von Varley - The anxious daughter and heir of the current Count Varley, who staunchly avoids social interaction.
  • Dorothea Arnault - A former songstress of the Mittelfrank Opera Company who appears flirtatious and outgoing.
  • Petra Mcneary - The granddaughter of the king of Brigid who, despite her imperfect speech, gives her all in everything she does.

Blue Lions[]

  • Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd - Crown prince of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus. Known for his chivalry, it seems a darkness may lurk beneath the surface. House leader of the Blue Lions.
  • Dedue Molinaro - A survivor of the tribe that inhabited the Duscur Region who swore loyalty to Dimitri after being saved by the prince during the pogroms following the Tragedy.
  • Felix Hugo Fraldarius- The heir to House Fraldarius who lost his brother in the Tragedy of Duscur.
  • Ashe Ubert - The adoptive son of Lord Lonato who loves reading stories about chivalry.
  • Sylvain Jose Gautier - The heir to House Gautier, despite being the younger son. He possesses a flirtatious attitude to women.
  • Mercedes von Martritz - The adopted daughter of a merchant family with a gentle, easygoing personality.
  • Annette Fantine Dominic - The daughter of Gustave and niece of the current Baron Dominic who is ever the good student, but can sometimes overdo it.
  • Ingrid Brandl Galatea - The heir to House Galatea who lost her fiancé in the Tragedy of Duscur.

Golden Deer[]

  • Claude von Riegan - Heir to House Riegan, the leading house of the Leicester Alliance. Employs both an easygoing attitude and an effortless skill for scheming. House leader of the Golden Deer.
  • Lorenz Hellman Gloucester - Heir to House Gloucester, who often touts his status, but is also devoted to his responsibilities as a noble.
  • Raphael Kirsten - Son of a merchant family, who displays an easygoing attitude and a liking for bodybuilding and eating.
  • Ignatz Victor - Son of a merchant family, who prefers his personal interests in painting over his family's wishes of his becoming a knight.
  • Lysithea von Ordelia - The determined daughter and heir of the current Count Ordelia who hates being treated like a child.
  • Marianne von Edmund - The adopted daughter of Margrave Edmund who came under her current, renowned adoptive father after losing both parents.
  • Hilda Valentine Goneril - The daughter of House Goneril who has a lazy personality and a habit of manipulating people into doing things for her.
  • Leonie Pinelli - Commoner girl from a hunting village, who is inspired by Jeralt. Has a blunt and competitive personality.

Ashen Wolves[]

  • Yuri Leclerc - The leader of the Ashen Wolves House who behind the tough talk lies a valiant defender of the weak.
  • Balthus von Albrecht - A former noble who ran away to Abyss due to money problems and revels in competition as Leicester's King of Grappling.
  • Constance von Nuvelle - A young lady of the fallen Imperial house of Nuvelle who has an overbearing attitude until she's somewhere with sunlight.
  • Hapi - An apathetic young woman whose sighs have the unique ability to draw monsters to her.

Other Inhabitants[]

  • Anna - A traveling merchant who often dwells in the Marketplace.

Gameplay Features[]

Various activities, facilities, and events occur in the Monastery, allowing the player to earn rewards and improve relationships with the students and faculty.


  • Training Grounds - Fight in Monthly weapon themed battles to win gold and items.
  • Dining Hall - Byleth can eat meals with students and fellow faculty, granting bonus opportunities to improve Support ranks.
  • Fishing Pond- Catch fish at the Monastery lake to be used for making Dining Hall Meals or to sell for Gold. Does not use activity points, grants Professor level when done, and requires bait.
  • Greenhouse - Cultivate various vegetables to use in the Dining Hall or to use organically grown stat modifiers or flowers to be given as gifts to students.
  • Sauna - Added through DLC. Spend time in the sauna with others to build Support ranks. Byleth can also earn Professor Level experience, and their invited guest will earn a bonus for being refreshed. Success is based on a small minigame in which the player chooses to increase the steam level, stay in the sauna as it is, or leave before it becomes too intense.
  • Church
    • Saint Statues - Restoring these with Renown provides improved results for tutoring, grant flat stat increases, and additional Divine Pulse charges.
    • Choir Practice - Byleth can hold a choir session with students and fellow faculty, granting bonus opportunities to improve Faith skill progression for the people involved, while Byleth additionally gaining Authority skill progression.
  • amiibo Gazebo - Location that allows the player to scan amiibo for various rewards. In New Game+, also serves as a portal to the Holy Tomb, which can be visited to collect rare item drops.
  • Marketplace - A collection of various shops and services gathered in one place.
    • Armory - Sells battle equipment
    • Shop - Sells various items to be used in battle or Seals for Certification Exams
    • Battalion - Hire and replenish battalions for battles.
    • Blacksmith - Repair and forge weapons for battle.
    • Foreign Market - A collection of shops unlocked by completing quests, including Anna's shop, two foreign merchants, and a dark mage. Collectively, these merchants sell cooking ingredients, fishing bait, seeds, tea leaves, forging materials, gift items, stat-boosting accessories and other rare items.

Character Interactions[]

  • Recruit - Byleth is able to recruit students from other houses into their own. To recruit a student, Byleth must meet proficiency requirements in a weapon skill the student is interested in, as well as a particular core stat. Recruitment requirements decrease based on the student's Support level with Byleth. It is also possible that students may approach Byleth of their own accord to ask to transfer classes if the prerequisites are met.
    • Certain non-student monastery residents can join Byleth's class provided they reach a specific chapter and have reached a certain level.
  • Counseling - Byleth provides counseling for a student. Their relationship with said student can improve if the right counseling is given.
  • Gifting - Byleth can give various gifts to characters to increase their support and motivation. Items have a varying degree of effectiveness with each individual.
  • Lost Item - Byleth can find a lost item and return it to its owner to improve their support with them and increasing motivation.
  • Tea Party - Byleth can invite a student to have a Tea Party, granting a one-on-one session with said student to improve their Support relationship and potentially increase both units' Charm stat.
  • Faculty Tutoring - Limited to faculty characters during the Academy Phase of the story, Byleth can be tutored by them to improve one of the subject areas that faculty member excels in. Similar to Tutoring, Byleth can get various results from doing a session. Choosing to be tutored takes up one activity point and each faculty character can tutor Byleth only once per free day.
  • Advanced Drills - During the War Phase, all characters can tutor Byleth in a subject area of their own strengths. Each session takes up one activity point and each character can tutor Byleth once per free day.

Non-canon appearances[]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[]

SSBU Garreg Mach Monastery

The marketplace area of the Garreg Mach Monastery stage in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Garreg Mach Monastery is a downloadable stage added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate alongside Byleth on January 28, 2020. It is generally on a flat plane with no fall zones, but similarly to stages such as Delfino Plaza and Prism Tower, the stage travels through different layouts and locations in the monastery on a flat moving platform; this occurs about every two minutes, and the transition effect resembles the one seen on Castle Siege.

The stage transitions between four different areas of the monastery:

  • Marketplace - The Marketplace has two vendors on each side, both serving as additional platforms, but fighters can destroy them to expand the length of the stage. The Gatekeeper appears in the background as well as Dimitri, Dedue, and Ingrid of the Blue Lions house.
  • Reception Hall - The Reception Hall features hanging chandeliers which serve as platforms; since they are extremely high, only certain fighters can reach the chandeliers. These can be damaged enough to drop, damaging opponents underneath when they come crashing down. The tables can be destroyed as well, such as from characters who fall on them. Edelgard, Petra, and Dorothea of the Black Eagles house appears as background characters here.
  • Bridge - The Bridge features no terrain differences, however, this area is significantly longer than other areas. Claude, Lorenz, and Hilda of the Golden Deer appear as background characters.
  • Cathedral - The Cathedral features two pass-through floating platforms. Rhea, Seteth, and Flayn appear as background characters.
  • Transition Platform - An intermediate platform that appears during the transitions between the Monastery locations. Fighters are temporarily taken into the skies above Fódlan.


Garreg Mach Monastery's name is derived from the Welsh words Carreg ("stone"), and Bach ("little"), making a close approximation in English "Little Stone Monastery."


  • Garreg Mach Establishment Day, a holiday on the Fódlan calendar, is on the 25th of the Ethereal Moon, which corresponds to Christmas Day on the Gregorian calendar.


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