Garreg Mach Monastery
Garreg Mach Monastery (ガルガ=マク大修導院 Garuga Maku-daishūdōin) is a location in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.


Located in central Fódlan amidst the mountains, the Garreg Mach Monastery is the headquarters of two separate entities: the Church of Seiros and the Officers Academy. It is a neutral territory and is not governed by any of the three main nations of Fódlan. In addition to being a religious site, the monastery is home to an elite order of knights.

Garreg Mach Monastery can be freely roamed and explored, and once Byleth has visited a part of the monastery, the player can use fast-travel to transition to that location instantly. While roaming the monastery, Byleth can take part in numerous activities to affect their training as well as the training of the students under their tutelage.

Academy PhaseEdit

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With the sudden rebellion instigated by the Adrestian Empire, Garreg Mach Monastery is besieged by the imperial army, leading to a fight between the Empire and the Knights of Seiros along with representatives of the Leicester Alliance and Holy Kingdom of Faerghus there to help ward them off. Depending on which house Byleth leads, they find themselves on different sides.

Blue LionsEdit

While Byleth and the Blue Lions are able to halt much of the initial wave lead by new Emperor Edelgard, the next wave proves to be too great for the forces currently in the monastery. Left with no other options Rhea transforms into a dragon in order to fend of as much of the forces as she can. Seeing her piled on by demonic beasts, Byleth steps into the fray to help but Thales appears and hits them with a spell, causing them to careen into the valley below. Rhea, weakened disappeared in the ensuing chaos, leading to the Adrestian Empire overtaking the Monastery and seizing it. For five years, neither Byleth nor Rhea could be found.

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War PhaseEdit

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Over the course of five years, the monastery falls into disrepair, becoming a haven for thieves who pillage the nearby towns relentlessly.

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Gameplay FeaturesEdit

Various activities, facilities, and events occur in the Monastery, allowing the player to earn rewards and improve relationships with the students and faculty.


  • Training Grounds - Fight in Monthly weapon themed battles to win gold and items.
  • Dining Hall - Byleth can eat meals with students and fellow faculty, granting bonus opportunities to improve Support ranks.
  • Fishing Pond- Catch fish at the Monastery lake to be used for making Dining Hall Meals or to sell for Gold. Does not use activity points, grants Professor level when done, and requires bait.
  • Greenhouse - Cultivate various vegetables to use in the Dining Hall or to use organically grown stat modifiers or flowers to be given as gifts to students.
  • Church
    • Saint Statues - Restoring these using Renown provides improved results for tutoring, grant flat stat increases, and additional Divine Pulse charges.
    • Choir Practice - Byleth can hold a choir session with students and fellow faculty, granting bonus opportunities to improve Faith skill progression for the people involve, while Byleth additionally gaining Authority skill progression.
  • amiibo Gazebo - Location that allows the player to scan amiibo for various rewards. In New Game+, also serves as a portal to the Holy Tomb, which can be visited to collect rare item drops.
  • Marketplace - A collection of various shops and services gathered in one place.
    • Armory - Sells battle equipment
    • Shop - Sells various items to be used in battle or Seals for Certification Exams
    • Battalion - Hire and replenish battalions for battles.
    • Blacksmith - Repair and forge weapons for battle.
    • Foreign Market - A collection of shops unlocked by completing quests, including Anna's shop, two foreign merchants, and a dark mage. Collectively, these merchants sell cooking ingredients, fishing bait, seeds, tea leaves, forging materials, gift items, stat-boosting accessories and other rare items.

Character InteractionsEdit

  • Recruit - Byleth is able to recruit students from other houses into their own. To recruit a student, Byleth must meet proficiency requirements in a weapon skill the student is interested in, as well as a particular core stat. Recruitment requirements decrease based on the student's Support level with Byleth. It is also possible that students may approach Byleth of their own accord to ask to transfer classes if the prerequisites are met.
    • Certain non-student monastery residents can join Byleth's class provided they reach a specific chapter and have reached a certain level.
  • Counseling - Byleth provides counseling for a student. Their relationship with said student can improve if the right counseling is given.
  • Gifting - Byleth can give various gifts to characters to increase their support and motivation. Items have a varying degree of effectiveness with each individual.
  • Lost Item - Byleth can find a lost item and return it to its owner to improve their support with them and increasing motivation.
  • Tea Party - Byleth can invite a student to have a Tea Party, granting a one-on-one session with said student to improve their Support relationship and potentially increase both units' Charm stat.
  • Faculty Tutoring - Limited to faculty characters during the Academy Phase of the story, Byleth can be tutored by them to improve one of the subject areas that faculty member excels in. Similar to Tutoring, Byleth can get various results from doing a session. Choosing to be tutored takes up one activity point and each faculty character can tutor Byleth only once per free day.
  • Advanced Drills - During the War Phase, all characters can tutor Byleth in a subject area of their own strengths. Each session takes up one activity point and each character can tutor Byleth once per free day.

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