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“You... You're just like us! You eat meat, you ride horses... I mean, come on! We're not hunting any humans here! What's wrong with buying and selling a few half-breeds?”
—Gashilama's battle quote

Gashilama is a boss character in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. He is a peddler of Laguz slaves. He carries his slaves in crates and encounters Ike and company on the Old Town Road. Makalov apparently owed money to him and was forced to fight alongside him until Marcia recruited Makalov to her side. The Greil Mercenaries kill Gashilama and give the crates containing his last slaves to Sienne, not yet knowing their contents.



Starting ClassAffinity
FE9 Gashilama Berserker Sprite BerserkerFE9Fire Fire
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
-FE9 Axe Axe - BFE9killeraxe Killer Axe*
FE9Vulnerary Vulnerary

*Dropped upon defeat


Battle Conversations[]

Vs. Ike[]

  • Gashilama: Trying to steal our cargo... You're no better than us!! Some of our customers are nobles! You won't get away with this unscathed, let me tell you!
  • Ike: What? Nobles?
  • Gashilama: Don't play dumb with me! Take this!

Vs. Lethe[]

  • Gashilama: A female... females are good. You'll fetch a high price to the right buyer.
  • Lethe: I hate humans. But you are beyond that word. Simply killing you won't be enough. The suffering of my brethren... I will carve payment for that from your flesh!

Vs. Mordecai[]

  • Gashilama: Gulp! Tiger! Tigers are dangerous! I've got to trick it into drinking the medicine...
  • Mordecai: Ggrrraaaooowwwrrr!

Death Quote[]

“How did this happen? I've lost everything...”
—Gashilama's death quote


  • Gashilama's battle model is unique in that he wears a shirt and jewelry. This reflects his sophistication in comparison to the other bare-chested berserkers.