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Gaspard, located in the south of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus near the border with the Adrestian Empire, is the domain of House Gaspard.


The territory of Gaspard lies between the County of Rowe and the pass of Magdred Way near the Oghma Mountains. House Gaspard rules its domain from Castle Gaspard.

House Gaspard is a minor noble family of the Kingdom. Its current lord, Lonato, encountered and adopted Ashe in Imperial Year 1173, raising him alongside his own son, Christophe. When the Knights of Seiros executed Christophe in 1176, Lonato turned against the Church of Seiros and began plotting a rebellion, but was stopped by the Church.

Following the war, as there is no successor for House Gaspard, Ashe, who Lonato had adopted, becomes the new head of House Gaspard, assuming he survives.

Known people from Gaspard[]

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