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This article is about the series of weapons. For the improvable weapon skill that is associated with Gauntlets in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, see Brawl.

Gauntlets (籠手) and the more specialized Knuckle (ナックル) variant are one of the physical weapon types in the Fire Emblem series that comes in many different materials and variations (i.e. Iron, Steel, Silver, etc.).


Gauntlets may be seen as an extension of the Fist weapon type, a monster-exclusive weapon type that originated from Fire Emblem Fates.

Gauntlets are a dual weapon type that covers their user's entire forearms, with most Gauntlets having dagger-like spikes protruding from the knuckles, that allows the user to attack twice in one engagement unless the opponent is particularly fast while in Enemy Phase, allowing particularly fast characters to potentially attack four times in one fight, much like Brave weapons. As such, Gauntlets have high Durability to allow high usage. Knuckle weapons, however, don’t have much durability, so they need much more attention to their maintenance than the Gauntlets. Additionally, a character can use their bare fists as unbreakable Gauntlets, but they can only do this if they have the Unarmed Combat Ability.

In Three Houses, only mounted classes and magic classes are barred from equipping them to fight, though the former can make use of them only while Dismounted, allowing a wide variety of classes to use Gauntlets. Classes from the Brawler line, in particular, have an affinity with Gauntlets.

While no Gauntlet type allows characters to attack from a distance currently, there is a variety that is capable of dealing damage using one's Magic stat. Additionally, the War Monk/War Cleric classes possess Pneuma Gale which is a magic-fueled Combat Art capable of attacking at adjacent or distant ranges.

Three Houses Classes that have proficiencies with Gauntlets

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