Generals are the promoted versions of Knights. They have excellent defense, good attack, surprising evasive ability for their size and bad resistance. They are a lot like Knights but with better stats. They can also use swords and lances whereas Knights can use only lances (in Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken, they use axes instead of swords) but in Fire Emblem: The sacred stones they are able to wield swords as well.. They are quite slow. But what the lack in maneuverability they make for with defensive and offensive ability. They can be used like "walls" to block enemy forces and are quite useful in survival and defense objective battles. A General's weaknesses are magic and anti-armor weapons, as well as fast moving durable and powerful characters like heroes, experienced paladins and Warriors. The rarity of a general ever being out matched on the field through sheer brute force is high.

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