Artwork of Gerik's Mercenaries.

Gerik's Mercenaries is a mercenary group led by Gerik. It consists of Gerik the Desert Tiger, Marisa The Crimson Flash, Saleh the Well of Wisdom, and Ewan. Tethys travels with them for her dancing, and to keep an eye on her brother. All of them (except for Ewan only probably because he's new) possess a special title, as well as a different class. In addition, they are all either automatic or potential recruits.

Mentioned in Gerik's support conversation with Innes, Gerik got into mercenary work to protect a friend of his, later, his friend gets killed. Gerik considered leaving the mercenary business, however, Gerik could not abandon the friends he made after becoming a mercenary and he eventually ended up forming his own group.

In Gerik's support conversation with Joshua, Joshua implies that Gerik's Mercenaries is a larger group than the characters recruited in the game, as Gerik mentions Joshua cheating his men out of money in gambling matches.

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