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Gigas Knight (ギガースナイト Gigāsunaito) is an Armored class that appears exclusively in TearRing Saga: Berwick Saga. Gigas Knight is a powerful enemy exclusive class that appears throughout the game. Powerful juggernauts, Gigas Knights tend to guard important figures of high authority.


Like Armor Knights, Gigas Knights are an Armored Axe using class focusing on defense. However unlike Knights and Generals, Gigas Knights do not use Large Shields or shields of any sort. Instead all Gigas Knights are exclusively armed with the Gigas Axe. The Gigas Axe grants its wielder an additional 20 defense, furthering strengthening the Gigas Knight class's already very high defense.

The usage of a Gigas Axe in lieu of a shield means that Gigas Knights lack the weaknesses associated with shield users. Unlike with the other Armors, anti shield weaponry such as Rapiers have no effect and there are no skills/weaponry to disarm or destroy Gigas Axes. Due to this, there are only two easy ways of dealing with Gigas Knights. The first is to destroy them with magic based attacks that ignore their defense, the second is to use the Hammer, the only anti armor weapon in the game which deals effective against Gigas Knights.

Apart from their defense, Gigas Knights have a very high axe-skill, making them one of the most accurate enemy types despite Gigas Axes being somewhat inaccurate. Gigas Knights have high power and decent speed. Gigas Knight units tend to have skills like Yell or Commander. As expected from armored bodyguards, they have low movement, but focus on functioning as living walls to block enemy advances. 


Gigas was a Greek word meaning Gigantes or Giant, a race of mythological humanoids of incredible strength and size.

Much like the Gigantes, Gigas Knights are unusually large and powerful.


  • Despite their power, all Gigas Knights encountered in the game are unnamed units. This is the opposite of the General class in the same game, all of whom are named characters in Berwick Saga.
  • While hard it is possible to steal a Gigas Axe from a captured Gigas Knight, however no playable unit can equip it and it can only be sold.
  • Gigas Knight is the only armored class within the game unable to equip shields. 
  • Gigas Knights cap their axe accuracy at 60, which would give them a 10% bonus to criticals at max. Though like all generic enemies, their accuracy stat doesn't go past 50.